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July 14, 2013

Abu Dhabi aims to start producing about 500 million cubic feet a day of sour gas in 2014
09:04 GMT

The UAE’s average June oil output was unchanged from May at 2.73 million barrels per day, latest data from the Paris-based International Energy Agency showed.

Solar Park project at Seih Al Dahal is in progress
06:59 GMT

The construction at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park project at Seih Al Dahal is in progress and going on schedule.

July 11, 2013

Lebanon blames Fatmagül failure
15:55 GMT

The Turkish operator of an electricity-producing barge assumes the responsibility for a monthlong stoppage in power production and urged the Lebanese state to seek compensation for the breach of the agreement terms.

Total value of goods imported to the Kingdom last year reached SR 587.8 billion
13:55 GMT

The Customs Department said yesterday that it made SR 22.25 billion in revenues last year, 13.5 percent more than the revenue of 2011.

OPEC's report is the second of this month's trio of oil supply and demand forecasts to emerge
12:55 GMT

OPEC's share of the world market will shrink in 2014 as rising supply of U.S. shale oil gives the exporter group little comfort from the fastest growth in world demand in four years.

The nuclear site has existed since 2006 with the first series of subterranean tunnels and four external depots recently completed
11:21 GMT

An exiled Iranian opposition group claimed on Thursday to have evidence of a hidden nuclear site located in tunnels beneath a mountain near the town of Damavand.

Iranian shipments can still come to Jebel Ali; shipments can go from the UAE to Iran
09:55 GMT

Harsher economic sanctions on Iran will result in a further squeeze in trade volumes with the UAE.

Dubai's General Index gaining for the fourth straight day and the Abu Dhabi Securities Index advancing for three consecutive days
08:55 GMT

The UAE markets continued their upward trend on the first day of Ramadan amid lower volumes, with Dubai's General Index gaining for the fourth straight day.

Consequences from higher income taxes in Jordan
07:55 GMT

A recent study conducted by the Amman Chamber of Commerce showed that amending the income tax rate would threaten the business environment in the Kingdom.

Consumers worldwide made $12.84 billion (Dh47.1 billion) in mobile payments in 2012
06:25 GMT

Despite their deep-rooted attachment to paper bills and coins, a growing number of UAE consumers are now keen to use mobile phones instead of cash to make payments.

July 10, 2013

By the end of this year will see the launch of Tagipedia, a free online Arabic encyclopedia with a million entries
16:55 GMT

A 75-year-old Palestinian businessman is on a $10 million mission to boost Arabic on the Internet, where it accounts for less than 1 per cent of websites despite being spoken by one in 20 people worldwide.

The trade volume between Jordan and India has currently exceeded JD1 billion
15:55 GMT

Industry and Trade Minister Hatem Halawani on Tuesday held talks with India’s Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilisers Srikanta Kumar Jena on ways to boost bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

The market breadth was almost balanced with 67 issues witnessing advances against 66 issues recording declines
13:55 GMT

Saudi Arabia’s benchmark stock index (TASI) yesterday rose 13.27 points to finish at 7,708.52 after trading between 7,691.31 and 7,723.46.

The government has extended credit lines to industrialists and allowed limited currency transfers at a rate of about 200 pounds to the dollar
12:54 GMT

The Syrian government is cracking down on black-market currency exchange businesses and individuals.

The aid is a clear sign of shifting policies among the wealthy Gulf nations toward Egypt.
11:47 GMT

Saudi Arabia pledged $5 billion in grants and loans to Egypt's new government on Tuesday.