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July 8, 2013

Azadi Monument, Tehran (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
07:51 GMT

The value of Iranian water projects in foreign countries has risen by 282 percent since the start of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s administration in 2005

(Source: Etihad's facebook page)
07:36 GMT

Indian civil aviation minister Ajit Singh is understood to have threatened to quit in the wake of the contentious Jet-Etihad dead.

(Source: AFP)
07:05 GMT

Measures include reconsidering prices of imported production requirements, promotion of national exports and diversification of the economy base

Dubai skyline (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
06:54 GMT

As many countries across the region face turmoil, Dubai welcomes a slew of luxury home buyers

July 7, 2013

Dubai's twisted Cayan Tower (source: Wikimedia Commons)
13:21 GMT

Experts discussed ways to encourage small and medium businesses in the science and tech arena.

Iran’s cement exports touched 13.5 million tons in the last one-year period. Photo used for illustrative purposes (Source: Wikimedia/Oussama zrafi)
08:39 GMT

Amid crippling economic sanctions, Iran's mineral and industrial exports grow by 23 percent

Photo used for illustrative purposes (Source: Wikimedia commons)
08:28 GMT

A recent Israeli discovery of a new gas field 4 kilometers away from the Lebanese coast means Israel could easily siphon off Lebanon’s gas wealth.

The Saudi stock exchange (Source: AFP file photo)
08:07 GMT

The market capitalization of eight real estate companies listed on Saudi stock market (Tadawul) is estimated at SR 74 billion ($19.73 billion)

Symbol created in the 1930s by the British advisor to the King of Bahrain (then emir) -- updated, with five white "valleys" representing the five pilars of Islam (Source: Wikimedia commons)
07:34 GMT

A luxury apartment development sells out in in only three days, boding well for Bahraini real estate

July 4, 2013

A total of seven airways now currently exist and have already showed a positive impact on the safety and efficiency of air traffic in the region
14:08 GMT

Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates’ Flight Information Regions has resulted in a capacity increase of more than 40%.

Trading on Egypt's Stock Exchange was suspended after President Mursi was ousted by the army
13:53 GMT

The Egyptian stock market suspended trading minutes after the opening on Thursday, after the main index leapt 6.4 percent on hopes for economic and political stability after Wednesday's takeover of the country by the army.

The bilateral trade between India and UAE stood at $180 million per annum in the 1970s but today it is close to $75 billion
06:37 GMT

Top officials from the UAE Ministry of Finance will hold bilateral investment promotion agreement (BIPA) discussions with its Indian counterparts.

Saudi Arabia will present a national policy statement on renewable and nuclear power generation later this year
06:01 GMT

Saudi Arabia started a program to assess its potential for generating renewable energy, part of an effort to lure $109 billion for building a solar industry that will free up more of its crude oil for export.

Solar energy will be the main topic of discussion among industry leaders in the region at the GulfSol 2013 summit
05:55 GMT

The GCC region is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s major green energy producers, with solar energy likely to account for a large share of its power generation by 2017.

July 3, 2013

Photo for illustrative purposes (Source: Wikimedia)
11:06 GMT

The number one oil exporter in the world establishes 70 centers for green energy, such as solar, wind, waste-conversion, and geothermal