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March 20, 2013

Bakers are protesting in Egypt over planned subsidy changes (File photo)
03:46 GMT

Hundreds of bakers blocked the entrance to the Egyptian supply ministry on Tuesday to protest a government scheme to reduce flour subsidies as the it also announces new rationing plans.

March 19, 2013

13:49 GMT

Sabah Khalil will remain on the bank's board.

Riyadh at night
13:23 GMT

Urban hubs Jeddah and Riyadh have seen rental rates balloon.

Egypt's President, Mohamed Morsi, is hoping that Egypt will join the BRICS group of fast-growing economies
11:27 GMT

Egypt may one day join the BRICS grouping of growing economies, President Mohamed Morsi told the Hindu, an Indian English language daily, in an interview published on Monday.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is visiting India in an effort to boost trade and tourism between the two nations
09:01 GMT

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is visiting India in an effort to boost trade between the two nations.

Emirates Capital (Trade Arabia)
08:50 GMT

Emirates capital is moving in to the recently independent state

The grant is worth $3.15 million
07:57 GMT

The Japanese will provide $3.15 million to the Kingdom in environmental grant.

The World Bank's International Finance Corp is planning to swap local Egyptian currency for dollars
07:46 GMT

The World Bank’s International Finance Corp is reportedly planning to conduct currency swaps in Egypt to help local firms meet their foreign exchange needs.

Lebanese trucks used to travel freely between to and from Syria (Daily Star)
07:14 GMT

Border crossings with Lebanon remain shut as exporters told to find another route.

Arab banks have threatened a pull out from Cyprus (YIANNIS KOURTOGLOU / AFP)
06:34 GMT

Following the decision to place a levy on savers as part of a bailout deal in Cyprus, almost causing a run on the banks, Arab institutions may abandon the smallest region in the Eurozone if the savings tax isn't reversed, the head of the World Union of Arab Bankers warned.

YouTube is extending its "Partner Program" to Egypt and Saudi Arabia
03:36 GMT

Leading online video community YouTube said it would allow users in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE to generate revenue from online content.

March 18, 2013

Following the Libyan revolution, power supply companies are winning big
13:23 GMT

Temporary energy companies are winning big as Libya rebuilds following the revolution and electricity supplies are less than required.

An economic slowdown in jordan is reducing consumers spending on food
13:10 GMT

The economic slowdown in Jordan is leading to a decline in consumer spending on food

Tourism in Egypt continues to suffer over security concerns
12:59 GMT

The numbers of tourists visiting Egypt dipped again in February as security concerns continue to hurt the industry.

Bank workers in Lebanon are taking industrial action over labor agreements
12:46 GMT

Bank workers in Lebanon have taken are following in the footsteps of public sector workers and taking industrial action over labor agreements.