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November 28, 2012

Royal Air Maroc is looking for a new airline from the Gulf
10:20 GMT

Morocco would rather pursue a strategic partnership for Royal Air Maroc (RAM), with an airline from one of the Gulf states or beyond, than sell a stake in its flag carrier, government ministers said late on Monday.

Iraq has granted Jordan 100,000 barrels of crude oil, after Amman increased the cost of fuel, leading to protests and taxi-shortages
08:36 GMT

The Iraqi cabinet has granted 100,000 of crude oil to Jordan, which Jordan's government spokesman said that it showed the strength of ties between the two nations. It is estimated that Jordan uses 100,000 barrels of oil a day.

Saudi is warning over the increase in electricity usage
07:28 GMT

Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman, assistant minister of petroleum and mineral resources, has cautioned against growing energy wastage in the Saudi Kingdom, saying 70 percent of the country’s electricity is used for air-conditioning.

Turkey is putting strict conditions on a $1 billion loan to Egypt
06:52 GMT

Turkey’s loan to Egypt is contingent upon Egypt including Turkish companies in infrastructure projects and providing the Turkish government with expenditure reports, as pressure mounts over President Morsi's constitutional announcement.

Contracts have been awarded for desalination plants in Saudi Arabia
03:00 GMT

nsortium including Samsung Engineering and Shanghai Electric have won an SR 11.3 billion deal to build a water desalination plant

Iran has rejected claim that it was to offer free oil to Jordan
02:00 GMT

Iran's embassy in Jordan categorically denied media reports alleging that Tehran has offered to supply free oil to Jordan following media reports.

November 27, 2012

Shops are closing early over fears of violence in Tahrir Square as protesters gear up for a "million man" march
12:48 GMT

Banks, currency exchange outlets, gold shops and most commercial venues on the outskirts of Cairo's Tahrir Square closed their doors on Tuesday in anticipation of the scheduled million-man march against the President Morsi's controversial decree.

Remittances are big business and fuelled by GCC economic growth, according to the World Bank
12:36 GMT

Strong economic activity in the GCC has driven the growth of remittances, according to a new World Bank report, with the growth of remittances is expected to be stronger during 2013-15.

Russia has been flying banknotes to Syria
11:45 GMT

Russia has been helping Syria through its economic crisis caused by the grinding civil war, which has brought the economy to its knees. A Syrian airforce plane has flown 30 tonnes of banknotes, around 240m notes, to Damascus, new flight logs show.

Remittances are remain stable in Lebanon despite a difficult year, according to the World Bank
10:12 GMT

Lebanon will record a steady inflow of remittances in 2012 despite recent instability in the region, according to the latest statistics released by the World Bank.

Jordan's PM Abdullah Ensour has met with the UKs trade envoy to Jordan
09:31 GMT

Just weeks after the UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited Jordan, the country's trade envoy to the Kingdom has met with Jordan's PM Abdullah Ensour and talked up trade relations between the two kingdoms.

A gas tanker is making the first trip across the arctic as ice continues to melt
08:37 GMT

With global warming on the agenda in Doha, a timely reminder of the way climate change is affecting the world is the gas tanker that will be the first to cross the arctic for the first time, as rising temperatures have melted the ice.

Dubai's  economy is booming
08:23 GMT

Duabai's economy has performed well in the first half of this year, registering growth of 4.1 per cent, according official data., with foreign trade reaching 11.4 per cent.

Saudi Arabi has signed a multi million dollar contract with an US defence firm
08:04 GMT

Saudi Arabia has signed off on a $600 million contract with Raytheon Company, a major American defence contractor and industrial corporation for delivery of a command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) systems.

Gold is being seen as a safe haven for investors
07:41 GMT

The deteriorating political situation in Egypt after President Mohamed Morsi's constitutional decree has caused protests across the country, leaving one dead and has been lead to the increase in the price of gold as investors see it as a 'safe refuge'