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January 13, 2013

Libya's Prime Minister has vowed to tackle corruption
11:31 GMT

The Libyan Prime Minister, Dr Ali Zidan, has said that corruption needs to be tackled and that his government will take all necessary measures to stamp it out.

Consumer confidence in Egypt declined dramatically as few Egyptians believe an end to the woes is around the corner
11:07 GMT

Egypt's Consumer Confidence Index showed a 16 per cent drop in December 2012, reflecting greater uncertainty about the future of the economy.

Oman ranked 45th globally in the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom, moving up two notches from 2012, as economic freedom stagnates
10:46 GMT

Oman ranked 45th globally in the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom, moving up two notches from 47th last year.

Iraqi oil exports from the souther Basra terminal was fully restored to 2.35 million barrels per day yesterday
10:17 GMT

Oil exports from Iraq's southern Basra terminals were restored to 2.35 million barrels yesterday after bad weather reduced exports by almost half on Friday, according to a shipping industry source.

Overall, the real estate sector in Lebanon saw a tough 2012
09:04 GMT

The real estate sector in Lebanon saw robust activity during the last month of 2012, but the overal figure shows a disappointing year for the industry.

Egyptian police are starting a trade union to improve their working conditions
08:16 GMT

Egypt's Police Coalition held a forum Friday to discuss means of establishing a police union to defend police working rights.

Iraq's economy is booming, thanks to increased oil output
07:42 GMT

Iraq's economy should grow nine per cent this year as oil production increases.

Saudi and the UAE are to donate more money to Syrian refugees in Jordan after a recent spell of bad weather
07:28 GMT

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have pledged some $15 million in emergency assistance to help Syrian refugees in Jordan face one of the country’s harshest winters in recent history.

Egyptian Minister of Finance El-Morsi Hegazy has reassured the US ambassador to the country that the economy is on the right tracks
04:00 GMT

Egyptian Minister of Finance El-Morsi Hegazy met with US ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson on Thursday to discuss Egypt's economic woes, prospects of revamping its national economy and developments in the IMF loan discussions.

January 10, 2013

Qatar could build a gas plant in Turkey, to help Ankara meets growing domestic energy demands
13:26 GMT

Qatar is considering helping to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Turkey, said Energy Minister Mohammed Al Sada.

A German company faces fines in the US after allegedly breaking sanctions against Iran
13:08 GMT

A German company faces a fine from US regulatory bodies over breaking sanctions against Iran.

The Egyptian pound continues to slide despite aid from Qatar
12:39 GMT

The Egyptian pound slid to a new record low yesterday, only a day after Qatar threw Cairo an economic lifeline by sending $ 2.5 billion in aid to help it tackle a currency crisis.

Turkey and Libya could increase energy ties, despite problems with Libyan output
11:51 GMT

Turkey wants a stronger energy relationship with the Libyan government, the visiting Turkish energy minister said during talks in Tripoli.

Workers at the Central Bank of Yemen are on strike over wage reforms
11:36 GMT

Employees at the Central Bank of Yemen initiated a partial strike this week, calling for a restructuring of their wage package

Inflation in Egypt accelerated to 4.7 per cent, in more worrying news for the Central Bank.
11:22 GMT

Egypt's annual inflation in December accelerated to 4.7 per cent, a slight growth over the preceding months, data from the official statistics agency showed on Thursday.