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January 29, 2013

World tourist numbers cross the one billion mark for the first time, according the a United Nations agency
12:58 GMT

International tourist arrivals surpassed one billion for the first time last year, with the Asia-Pacific region posting the biggest increase in foreign visitors, and numbers will rise further in 2013, a UN body said Tuesday.

Qatar is set to is set to issue riyal denominated government bonds, according to Reuters
12:33 GMT

Qatar plans to issue local currency sovereign bonds with three and five-year maturities in 2013, reported Reuters, citing an IMF official.

Foreigners in dubai will be able to set up businesses without local help, providing they have liquid capital behind them
12:14 GMT

Foreigners in Dubai are allowed to create partnerships between themselves without the need to have Emirati sponsors but on condition that they must finance their projects through minimum of $2.7 million capital inflows,

Libya and Tunisia have agreed to set up a joint shipping lane between the two nations
11:32 GMT

Libya and Tunisia are to create a shipping lane between the two north African countries, the Libyan Transport Ministry announced last week in Tunis.

Enforcing copyright laws will boost Lebanon's economy, according to a government minister
11:14 GMT

Enforcing copyright protection laws is critically needed to attract investments, Lebanon's economy minister said Monday.

Oman's Sultan, Qaboos Bin Saeed, has urged citizens to end the practice of 'proxy trade'
08:49 GMT

The Sultan of Oman, Qaboos Bin Saeed, has urged Omani citizens to put an end to '€˜proxy trade’ that he warned harms the country’s economy.

Iraq's semi-autonomous region is considering boosting economic ties  with Lebanon’s second-biggest city Tripoli.
08:18 GMT

A business delegation from Iraqi Kurdistan is considering boosting economic ties with Lebanon’s second-biggest city Tripoli.

Migrant construction workers in  Saudi Arabia have taken industrial action over unpaid wages, according to a well placed source
07:42 GMT

Migrant workers in Saudi Arabia are involved in industrial action causing their respective embassies to intervene and negotiate with their employers.

Jordan's main energy supply from Egypt has been disrupted again, causing a dramatic reduction in gas supplies
06:57 GMT

Jordan’s Egyptian gas supplies have dropped to one-third of their normal levels, officials say, prompting fresh concern over the security of the country’s primary energy source.

Clashes in several governorates caused the Egyptian stock market to tumble yesterday
03:00 GMT

Egyptian shares slipped further on Monday as clashes in different governorates continued for the third consecutive day.

January 28, 2013

Iran is to halt oil and gas export to Europe, a spokesman for the Iranian Oil Ministry said.
13:34 GMT

Iran is cutting off oil and natural gas exports to European countries until further notice, a spokesman for the Iranian Oil Ministry said.

Lebanon's Byblos Bank posted a 5.9 per cent drop in profits
13:07 GMT

Lebanon's third-largest banking institution, Byblos Bank, posted a 5.9 percent year-on-year drop in profits in 2012.

Libya has announced its gasoline suppliers for 2013 as the country lacks sufficient refining capacities
12:46 GMT

Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) has chosen its gas suppliers for 2013 as the country doesn't have enough refining capacity to meet national demand.

Kuwait and Iraq have signed an oil exploration deal for the 'Block 9' area of Basra
12:17 GMT

Kuwait and Iraq have signed a deal for oil exploration, development and production in Basra's so-called "Block 9" area.

Egypt's deputy finance minister has said that new income tax brackets will not be over 25 per cent
11:48 GMT

Egypt is not planning to raise its top income tax bracket rate above 25 per cent, Osama Tawakol, the deputy finance minister, said on Sunday.