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October 9, 2012

Sukuk becoming increasingly important as traditional bond markets fail to provide enough capital
12:47 GMT

Sukuk is becoming increasingly relied on for funding as traditional bond markets are failing to delivery the right amount of capital, according to a report published by Standard & Poor's Ratings Services.

Doctors strike entering critical stage
12:39 GMT

The strike by doctors in Egypt is entering a "decisie week" as they battle for better working conditions and an increase in the healthcare budget.

Saudi Arabia is taking action to keep oil prices moderated
10:11 GMT

As fears grow for the global economy, Saudi Arabia says that current oil prices are adequate for global economic growth after slight reduction in the cost of a barrel of Brent crude.

No more foul play play in Saudi as the price of chicken is set to drop
09:12 GMT

After a campaign on social networking site Twitter, the price of chicken in Saudia Arabia is set to drop by up to ten per cent.

Strike in Lebanon gain support as more unions join the industrial action planned for Wednesday
08:39 GMT

A planned strike by public-sector workers in Lebanon in Wednesday has gained more support as the Public Sector Employers Association confirmed they will take action as the debacle continues to run.

JEDCO and the EU are tying to kick start the Jordanian economy with EU help
08:29 GMT

The Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) and the European Union are attempting to boost the Jordanian economy by a mixture of grants and loans to Small and Medium sized Enterprises.

Gulf Air has been given the green light to keep operating
08:15 GMT

Bahrain's national airline, Gulf Air, is being allowed to continue to operate despite mounting losses. The government is desperately seeking to secure additional funds as any reduction in service or shut-down would be a deep embarrassment to the regime.

Sudan is seeking to strengthen economic ties with Nigeria, especially in areas such as agriculture
06:00 GMT

Sudan is seeking to strengthen economic ties with Nigeria in an effort to boost its economy.

October 8, 2012

Iraq's oil export rose in September
15:16 GMT

Iraqi oil output is continuing to increase as the country plans to increase exports, as current levels are the highest since 1979.

The Tunisian economy is set to grow in 2013
14:33 GMT

The tunisian economy is set to grow by 4.5% in 2013, up from 3.5% in 2012 in a sign that the economy of the North African country could be improving after the Arab Spring.

Can economists and the private sector come together to reform the Jordanian economy?
14:08 GMT

Economists and business people in Jordan are forming a new group in an attempt to enhance economic reform in the Kingdom.

Egypt's foreign reserves fall
14:01 GMT

Egypt's net international reserves fell a monthly $87 million to reach $15.04 billion in September, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) announced on Monday.

Saudi Arabia is to launch it's a new television channel to support young entrepreneurs
12:34 GMT

A new channel is being launched in Saudi Arabia to help home-grown entrepreneurs gain a foot-hold in the highly competitive market.

Omani police and customs caught the smugglers when inspecting trucks at a check point
10:43 GMT

A gang of oil smugglers have been caught in Oman by customs officers who later found out that the group had altered vehicles to carry fuel derivatives destined for the lucrative black market.

Iran is attempting to sail round Western sanction with new oil tankers
08:54 GMT

As the Iranian economy is buffeted by Western sanctions, the Islamic Republic is trying to sail around them by taking delivery of twelve new oil tankers so it can deliver oil to Asia.