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January 9, 2013

Jordan has been briefing Morocco on how to reduce subsidies
11:29 GMT

Jordan is offering advice to Morocco on how to reduce spending on state subsidies, something which the Hashemite Kingdom did in November 2013.

Lebanon's gas prices are continuing to rise
08:44 GMT

Gasoline prices in Lebanon continued to creep up, the sixth week of consecutive growth, weekly figures show.

The Egyptian stock market responded well to the new IMF talks
08:08 GMT

The local [Egyptian] stock exchange saw healthy gains on Tuesday as Egypt concluded yet another round of talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Illegal financial flows in Lebanon are thought to have topped $21 billion, according to a new report
06:40 GMT

Global Financial Integrity, a Washington-based non-profit, research and advocacy organization, estimated the cumulative illicit financial flows from Lebanon at $21 billion between 2001 and 2010.

The Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC) is facing corruption allegations
04:00 GMT

Jordan's Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Monday referred a new file involving alleged corruption related to mining operations at the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC) to the prosecutor general.

January 8, 2013

Qatar is boost financial aid to Egypt to help deal with a currency crisis
15:33 GMT

Qatar said on Tuesday it boost financial aid to Egypt's government an additional $2 billion and grant it an extra $500 million outright, extending a lifeline as the government battles to contain a currency crisis.

Smartphone shipments are set to pass $1 billion for the first time this year
12:41 GMT

Following the news that smartphones are the must-have accessory for the youth of the Middle East, smartphone shipments are likely to hit the one billion-dollar sales-mark worldwide for the first time this year, a new report has said.

Algeria has signed a deal to export gas to Turkey for another ten years
12:19 GMT

Algeria will export gas to Turkey for another ten years, El Moudjahid has reported.

Electricity workers are threatening an open-ended strike in Lebanon, due to start next week
12:07 GMT

The Electricite du Liban employees union in Lebanon threatened that company workers will hold an open-ended strike starting next week, a statement by the union said Tuesday.

The IMF is to send a technical delegation to Egypt following succesful talk yesterday
11:48 GMT

An official from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in a statement on Tuesday that a technical mission from the IMF will visit Egypt within the next few weeks to resume negotiations on the $4.6 billion loan that the country has requested.

Unemployment in Jordan is continuing to creep up, in a worry sign for the economy
11:18 GMT

Unemployment in Jordan is creeping, new figures show, with 12.5 per cent of the population without work, up from 12.1 per cent in the same quater of 2011.

Iran's oil sales have almost halved due to western-imposed sanctions
07:09 GMT

Iran's oil revenues have dropped by 45 percent in the last nine months in the wake sanctions imposed by the West, a top official in the country has said.

Saudi women will be permitted to work in shops selling female accessories, it has been announced
06:22 GMT

Saudi women will be permitted to work in shops selling female accessories as long as they are subject to the rules of Islamic Sharia, the head of the "Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice" committee has said.

Lebanon's agricultural industry is facing "disaster" due to  recent storm hitting the country
05:58 GMT

Lebanon's agricultural sector is bracing for extensive damage from the harsh winter storm sweeping across Lebanon, said the Farmers Association Monday, lamenting the absence of any formal compensation framework.

Jordan has introduced a 60-day grace period for undocumented guest workers to renew their papers
05:49 GMT

Jordan's Ministry of Labour on Monday opened a 60-day grace period for guest workers in the Kingdom who need to rectify their legal status.