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July 5, 2012

Iraqi ballot boxes: one way to change the system
08:42 GMT

The regional boss of business title Fortune reckons that while the Arab world may be producing highly talented executives, when it comes to creative thinking, it’s still a small fish in a big pond.

Shopkeepers behaving badly
08:12 GMT

Inspections have begun in the Emirates as shopkeepers try and hike up prices for the holy month.

July 4, 2012

Strait of Hormuz
14:46 GMT

Iran's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee has drafted a bill calling for Iran to try to stop oil tankers from shipping crude through the Strait of Hormuz to countries that support sanctions against it, a committee member said yesterday.

Average daily gasoline consumption in Iran stood at 62.02 million liters during the week ending on June 29 down by 2.9 percent compared with a week earlier.
13:20 GMT

Iranian drivers are trimming down their daily petrol consumption, down by 2.9 percent compared with a week earlier when last recorded.

A computer image of the proposed battery recycling factory in Mesaieed.
11:31 GMT

The country's first ever battery recycling factory is in production with plans to start processing next January.

July 3, 2012

Lebanon will begin exporting organic products to Europe.
18:35 GMT

The Lebanese organic products will be exported to Europe without any need for the official ministerial approvals, a Lebanese daily reported on Monday citing a recently-issued certification on this

Power pylons in Iraq. Image source: Iraq Businessnews
15:21 GMT

Iraq and Syria's power politics come under the light: Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity denied on Monday that power provided to Syria was from its northern province of Mosul, adding that it was instead from Iran.

New Islamic mortgage law in KSA.
14:40 GMT

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been a little unusual when it comes to Islamic finance and banking. Banks that were otherwise quite conventional, and which both paid and received interest, were proclaimed to be Islamic because ‘all banks in the kingdom are Islamic’.

Hariri Airport
13:52 GMT

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday advised Saudi citizens not to travel to Lebanon. An official source at the ministry said the advice was issued because the situation in Lebanon is not stable these days.

Famous Egyptians Kosherie.
09:01 GMT

The Egyptian government signed an agreement on Sunday with the Saudibased Islamic Development Bank (IDB) that will provide $1 billion to finance energy and food imports, the government said in a statement.

July 2, 2012

Qatar to get an influx of taxis: 'Al Million' taxi cabs
15:11 GMT

Qatar's first private taxi operators Al Million Taxis are hopeful of launching all their 500 (not quite a million) vehicles well before their deadline ends on December 31 this year.

14:40 GMT

A slowdown in real estate development in key global markets? Not too much of a concern if you are the president and CEO of Siemens and have all the infrastructure and energy projects to pitch for.

Salam Fayyad
14:26 GMT

The Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank is facing its “worst financial crisis” since its 1994 establishment, the Palestinian labor minister said Sunday.

Malaysia's Twin Towers
09:39 GMT

Kuwait's highly dependent on oil economy could do wit new avenues or props for support - and one of those investment destinations is Malaysia.

The death of the summer holidays is upon us in the Middle East
07:32 GMT

The Middle East is a hotbed for more than just war and protests, but harbors workaholics denied the option of decent rest or time off. Increasingly workers in the region are working through their vacation.