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November 10, 2014

Penalties varied according to the different infringements, with some included the halt of e-services, fines and limiting the issuance of labor permits.
17:20 GMT

The Ministry of Labor fined more than 74,500 establishments with penalties over SR12.80 million (3.4 million USD) during 2014 so far.

The new feature has already generated widespread negative responses from users in Kuwait and on social media
04:55 GMT

Now WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app i in the whole world, will now tell users when a message has been read.

Iran’s relations with the West have thawed since relative moderate Hassan Rouhani was elected president last year seeking to end Iran’s international isolation.
00:47 GMT

With only two weeks to a deadline for a breakthrough deal, senior envoys of Iran, the United States and European Union met in Oman on Sunday.

The total number of cases brought against Egypt after the 25 January Revolution have reached at least seven involving demands totalling more than $20bn in compensation.
00:33 GMT

Hany Sarie-Eldin, head of Sarie-Eldin and Partners Legal Advisors, said the move will thwart the government’s efforts to revive confidence in the economy.

November 9, 2014

 S&P said that Oman and Bahrain were the most vulnerable to any drop in oil prices while Qatar and the UAE were the least vulnerable.
23:53 GMT

Dubai will remain insulated from the effects of an oil price slide as it is well diversified, while economic growth across the rest of the GCC could be affected.

According to various estimates, IS receives $1 million to $3 million from illegal transactions of Iraqi oil every day.
05:55 GMT

The Iraqi economy is losing as much as $1.2 billion a month because of the shutdown of the oil pipeline connecting the Iraqi city of Kirkuk with the Turkish city of Ceyhan.

The delegation is the largest to visit the country since the 2011 revolution which toppled the regime of then-president Hosni Mubarak.
04:55 GMT

Three-day visit will include 66 large American companies in energy, telecommunications, food, pharmaceuticals, banking, infrastructure and other sectors

November 6, 2014

The predictions are based on global economic output rising 160 per cent by 2040 compared to 2013 by purchasing power parity.
18:23 GMT

Projections also emphasise the continued leading role of the Middle East in international crude oil trade.

Rolls said its restructuring plan would result in incremental costs of about £120 million ($192 million, 154 million euros) over the next two years.
17:49 GMT

The British company said headcount reduction was necessary following the completion of development programmes.

Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE, is keen to spend some of its oil wealth on space exploration
17:10 GMT

The Abu Dhabi fund, which owns a major stake in British commercial spaceflight company Virgin Galactic, will wait for results of the probe into last week's fatal crash.

Apple is one of the companies that is eager to enter this huge, relatively untouched market, which has a craze for high-tech gadgets.
16:43 GMT

Apple is one of the companies that is eager to enter this huge, relatively untouched market, which has a craze for high-tech gadgets.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius had hailed the conclusion of the deal as a major boost to the Lebanese army's ability to tackle "terrorism".
16:26 GMT

The deal, first announced in December by former President Michel Sleiman, comes as the poorly equipped Lebanese Army battles jihadists.

US light crude was down $2.00 at $76.78 a barrel. It touched a session low of $75.84, its weakest since October 2011.
04:55 GMT

Brent crude oil fell more than 3 percent to its lowest in more than four years near $82 a barrel on Tuesday.

The reality is that women working from home can be more productive in some tasks such as accounting, scheduling and responding to customers’ inquiries.
04:55 GMT

Most women aged 25 to 44 prefer working from home due to the amount of responsibilities they have with their work and family lives.

November 5, 2014

The new stores will cost an estimated LE2 billion (approx. $270m) and will offer foodstuffs produced by the state-owned Holding Company for Food Industries,
23:00 GMT

Egypt agreed to allocate land for retailer Carrefour and grant it legal approvals necessary to build ten new branches for the superstore outside Cairo and Alexandria.