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March 11, 2014

Saudi Arabia banned the sale of energy drinks at government, educational and health facilities last week (Shutterstock)
14:00 GMT

Saudis spend nearly $1.6 billion a year on energy drinks. With the recent announcement of a ban on the industry, questions may be asked as to how limiting this billion-dollar consumption habit may affect KSA's economy.

Insurance companies in Egypt had to pay 45.5 percent more in claims in 2012-13 than the year prior due to the uprising in the country (File Archive/AFP)
12:27 GMT

One of the world's leading property and insurance companies AIG is set to expand in Egypt.

The UAE has pledged significant sums of money to help rebuild Egypt and support it on its path to truly representative government
10:55 GMT

The announcement of a $40 billion (AED150bn) deal to build low-cost housing in Egypt is good news for that country and for the UAE, commented a local daily.

The joint EZW-Dubai Customs smart retail hub matajircom was launched Monday in Dubai (Courtesy of Trade and Export Middle East)
10:00 GMT

Dubai has launched the world's first purpose-built smart retail hub "matajircom" Monday in conjunction with Economic Zones World and Dubai Customs.

Jordan wants to establish a nuclear reactor to cut down its dependency of foreign energy imports that currently account for 96 percent of the country's energy stock (File Archive/Shutterstock)
08:00 GMT

Jordan's Atomic Energy Commission is planning to sign two agreements with Russia's Rosatom to establish the country's first nuclear reactor.

Saudi construction industry has witnessed a boom in contract awards and ongoing construction activities
06:55 GMT

The Saudi construction sector is poised for significant growth over the next few years thanks to the boom in contract awards and ongoing construction activities coupled with healthy lending appetites by bank.

Personal computer and desktop sales are decreasing rapidly throughout the UAE as more users transition to notebooks and tablets (Shutterstock)
06:37 GMT

While most headlines talk about profits in the UAE, here is one field that is not-so-successful in the Emirates these days: personal computer sales.

Saudi Arabia touts the highest paid CEOs and expatriates in the GCC (Shutterstock)
05:00 GMT

CEOs in Saudi Arabia are the highest paid executives among all GCC countries, according to a new report.

March 10, 2014

Emirates will now provide direct service from Dubai to Boston daily, representing the airlines eighth translatlantic US route (Shutterstock)
14:00 GMT

Emirates Airline launched daily services to Boston Monday in partnership with its US carriers.

The General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) has already recruited 107 Saudi engineers who graduated from Saudi universities and obtained scholarships abroad
12:55 GMT

Ibrahim NaffeeThe new King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) will create job opportunities for over 3,500 Saudi men and women in shops, restaurants and hotels at the airport, according to tourism experts.

Floods in the Gaza Strip in December left many people without power and forced thousands to evacuate from their homes (File Archive/AFP)
12:00 GMT

The Gaza strip's sole power plant is expected to cease operations within days after the territory finishes its last and final shipment of Qatar-donated diesel.

More than half of the UAE population owns a smartphone (File Archive/Shutterstock)
08:04 GMT

Apple's iPhone 5 is the most commonly used smartphone in the UAE and more than half of the country's population owns a smartphone

Jordan consumes 100,000 barrels of oil a day, according to government figures (File Archive/Shutterstock)
07:56 GMT

Iraq's Oil Minister told media outlets this week that Baghdad is ready to double its crude oil exports to Jordan at "preferential prices."

Direct trade accounted for 64 per cent of Dubai foreign trade, as it reached Dh846 billion in 2013
06:08 GMT

Dubai’s non-oil foreign trade reached Dh1.329 trillion in 2013, an eight per cent increase over Dh94 billion over 2012.

The new Halal Index is hoped to facilitate the growth of Dubai's halal exports as well (Shutterstock)
05:00 GMT

Dubai Exports is planning to issue an online Halal Index that lists all UAE firms that employ halal practices