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March 9, 2014

This agreement reflects the significance and growth of bilateral relations between the two countries
10:55 GMT

The Department of Finance- Abu Dhabi (DoF) has announced the signing of a loan agreement with The Republic of Serbia, providing the country a loan of $1 billion.

In 2012, Oman exported about OMR3.5 billion worth of non-oil commodities
09:55 GMT

Oman has set a target to increase by 15 per cent the value of its non-oil exports this year.

Dubai's first eco-friendly mosque is 85 percent complete and set to open its doors this year (Courtesy of 7 Days in Dubai)
08:08 GMT

The construction of the region's first eco-friendly mosque in Dubai is 85 percent complete and set to open in the near future, say new reports.

Qatar leads the Luxury Opportunity Index that highlights the top 10 locations around the world with the greatest potential for luxury growth (Shutterstock)
07:52 GMT

A new report released this week projects that the world's wealthiest will spend more on luxurious goods in 2014, representing key investment opportunities for Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia who top the "Luxury Opportunity Index."

Marka's IPO will be the first IPO on the Dubai Financial Market in more than five years (Courtesy of Gulf News)
07:26 GMT

UAE's Marka announced this week that it is planning an initial public offering on the UAE stock market after receiving preliminary approval from the country's Securities and Commodities Authority.

March 6, 2014

Qatar Airways will fly to Tokyo's Haneda airport daily starting on June 18 (File Archive)
14:00 GMT

Qatar airways will launch daily flights to Tokyo starting in mid-June this year.

Gulf investors are in talks with UK-based Hypermach to launch the next generation of supersonic jets (Courtesy of BBC)
13:00 GMT

Gulf investors are in talks with a British firm to develop the next era of supersonic jets that would move passengers from New York to London within...2 hours!

Abu Dhabi is not just building skyscrapers: it is constructing an infrastructure to become the world's aerospace hub as part of its 2030 vision (File Archive)
10:34 GMT

Abu Dhabi is aiming to become a "global aerospace hub that provides an end product to plane manufacturers," according to manufacturing executives based in the UAE.

India and the UAE agreed to cooperate for setting up a strategic petroleum reserve in Asia’s third largest economy
09:25 GMT

A UAE move will boost India’s ambitious project of establishing 5.03 million metric tonnes (MMT) strategic crude oil storages.

 The company was acknowledged for exceeding expectations in terms of high product quality and unrivaled packaging and delivery services.
08:55 GMT

Amazon’s customer feedback feature is considered of high importance for Arabian Oud as it plays a major role in attracting new customers

Iran is on course to become the world’s largest importer of natural gas by 2025 unless it can rein in rampant domestic demand,
03:55 GMT

Iran sits on the world’s largest gas reserves, according to estimates by BP, and Iranian energy officials have boasted for years about becoming a top gas exporter soon.

"Under such a scenario, sovereign credit quality in the GCC would be affected to varying degrees, with Bahrain and Oman most vulnerable to a potential downward adjustment of their sovereign rating."
03:55 GMT

The effects on the economies of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries would be negative to neutral under an adverse scenario in which oil prices decline to $90 per barrel (pb) by 2020

March 5, 2014

Zaza played down the extent of the money crunch, saying that “we are facing hardship and not a crisis.”
20:14 GMT

The tunnels’ closure has meant losses of millions of dollars in tax income for the Hamas government.

Last week the World Bank announced a $1.2bn programme to support economic and political reform in Tunisia after the adoption in January of a new constitution.
15:55 GMT

He said another revolution, in the national mentality, was required to pull the economy up warning that “if we do nothing, there could be a catastrophe”.

Malaysia's medical tourism attracted 15,000 patients from the Gulf in 2013 (File Archive/Shutterstock)
15:00 GMT

Malaysia is aiming to increase medical tourism from the UAE between 15-20 percent in 2014.