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December 30, 2013

Hotel occupancy in Abu Dhabi is expected to increase 2014. (Image credit: Shutterstock)
08:03 GMT

Occupancy in Abu Dhabi’s hotels and hotel apartments climbed 10 per cent to 83 per cent in November over the same period in 2012.

Rail will drive an ambitious infrastructure development program in the GCC. (Image credit: Shutterstock)
07:43 GMT

Saudi Arabia is expected to build one of the world’s most sophisticated rail and metro networks in the next ten years.

In light of the repatriation of hundreds of Filipinos ahead of Christmas, Philippine Ambassador Ezzedin Tago expressed gratitude to King Abdullah and the Saudi Arabian government.
03:55 GMT

The repatriation of the Filipinos had been arranged by the Saudi Arabian authorities on two special flights on December 16 to 17.

BlackBerry decided to pull the update after users reported loading issues and crashes.
03:55 GMT

The struggling company said Twitter version 10.2.2 has been removed from BlackBerry World due to user reported issues.

The KhalifaSat will be the third after DubaiSat1 and DubaiSat2, which have been built in Seoul, under a knowledge-sharing arrangement with the South Korean company Satrec.
03:55 GMT

“We have launched today, thanks Almighty Allah, executive steps to build the first UAE-made satellite, the first such breakthrough in the Arab world,” Shaikh Mohammad told millions of his twitter followers.

December 29, 2013

The association aims to provide investment opportunities for Saudi investors in Egypt and to resolve the obstacles facing foreign investment, Secretary General of the association Ahmed Darwish said in the statement.
14:36 GMT

A number of Saudi investors in Egypt have faced hurdles as projects stalled following January 2011 revolution, but the the aim is to make these hurdles part of the past through establishing a new association.

The Saudi retail sector index jumped over 50 percent in the first nine months of 2013 (Shutterstock)
14:09 GMT

Saudi's retail sector was reported to be one of the "best performing sectors" in Saudi markets in 2013.

China is expected to overtake the United States in 2028 to become the world’s largest economy, according to a research report.
13:46 GMT

Perhaps it's time for Middle Eastern economies to start preparing for a shift in allegiances.

With the help of KSA comedian Bader Saleh, 7UP hopes its new campaign will bring laughs--and profits--for the soda brand (Courtesy of You Tube)
12:56 GMT

7UP is partnering with Saudi comedian Bader Saleh as part of its new campaign to market the Pepsi product to young KSA consumers.

Over 98 percent of malware viruses target Android users in Jordan (Shutterstock)
12:26 GMT

Recent reports released this week show that Jordan is a high risk country for malware infections, with 98 percent of the IT viruses targeting Android users.

Harvard Business Review is now available in Arabic due to the prominent journal's collaboration with a UAE-based conglomerate (Courtesy of Harvard Business School)
11:59 GMT

Harvard Business Review will now print its Management Section in Arabic.

Pearl has been identified recently by Dubai Exports among a number of product categories that can help boost the emirate’s exports and industrial sector. (Image credit: Shutterstock)
07:21 GMT

While the pearl trade across the UAE has grown at an average of 15 per cent in the last four years, experts believe that pearl business should receive better support from the government.

The committee's tasks will involve reviewing the associations' accounts and businesses and writing reports on their activities and financial positions.
03:55 GMT

The cabinet has recently decided to form a committee to manage the Muslim Brotherhood's funds pursuant to a court ruling that bans the organisation and freezes its funds.

Four Gulf states — Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE — agreed in 2012 to provide aid worth a total $5 billion to Morocco in the period 2012-2017.
03:55 GMT

The deal is part of a five-year package of financial assistance extended by four gulf states to help the kingdom weather the 'Arab Spring'

December 27, 2013

Jeddah authorities are planning to spend $160 million in 2014 to ease traffic woes for its residents (File Archive)
12:00 GMT

KSA's Jeddah announced that it will spend $160 million to ease traffic congestion in its metropolitan area.