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December 1, 2014

Saudi Arabia has introduced new rules that aim to further liberalise the country’s healthcare sector.
23:45 GMT

Saudi Arabia’s healthcare market, although growing steadily, has been largely restricted by local ownership rules

96,599 Kuwaiti tourists have visited so far this year compared to 66,714 tourists during the same period in 2013
23:33 GMT

8,197,917 tourists visited Egypt during the first 10 months of 2014.

The feature, called "app graph," will allow the company to see what other applications users may have installed on phones or other devices.
16:52 GMT

Twitter will begin tracking what third-party apps are installed on users' mobile devices.

The carrier says onboard Wi-Fi is available on all 53 A380s and on 28 Boeing 777s, which serve six continents.
16:16 GMT

More than half a million passengers have connected to the internet on an Emirates aircraft.

Saudi Arabia’s bourse, where petrochemicals account for almost a third of total earnings, took the biggest hit among major markets,
15:59 GMT

Gulf stock markets plunged to milestone lows in a panic sell-off on Sunday after OPEC’s decision to keep crude output unchanged sent oil prices tumbling.

Nobody could really argue with any of this presentation, except to note that timing is everything for small business and expanding into a recession is suicidal
15:20 GMT

‘I’ve been through five recessions in my 49 years in Dubai and we are preparing for another,’ he said.

The suspension could have major implications for Saudi companies and the auditing market in the kingdom.
11:52 GMT

Saudi Arabia’s market regulator has suspended the local unit of accountancy firm Deloitte & Touche from doing auditing work.

Both U.S. crude and Brent have fallen for five straight months, oil’s longest losing streak since the 2008 financial crisis.
11:43 GMT

Just when the market was thinking that a four-year low for crude oil was bad enough, we have hit a five-year low.

“The market will dictate the right sustainable and stable price. ... We need to allow enough time for market stability,” he added.
05:55 GMT

“But because of the unity and solidarity of OPEC, we decided not to protest against this decision.”

November 30, 2014

Compensation for hundreds of displaced families will cost the government LE1 billion, said El-Sisi earlier this month.
22:25 GMT

The government plans to develop a new urban area around Rafah to replace the border area demolished as part of the army's campaign against Islamist militants in the Sinai Peninsula.

600 buses will be supplied by the United Arab Emirates to Egypt next February
21:53 GMT

The 600 buses provided by the UAE will cover around 44.5% of the requirements of the Public Transport Authority in Cairo.

Gulf markets felt the sting of an OPEC decision last Thursday to maintain export quotas
21:29 GMT

Main index down 0.19 percent after sideways session as Arab selling overpowers local retail appetite

The price of Brent crude has tumbled about 10 percent to $70.15 per barrel since regional equity markets last traded on Thursday.
13:05 GMT

Gulf stock markets plunged on Sunday after Opec's decision to keep crude output unchanged sent oil prices tumbling at the end of last week.

The UK’s Sunday Times newspaper said that it has submitted previously unpublished material providing further details of the allegations to a House of Commons committee.
12:59 GMT

It also alleges that Russian President Vladimir Putin was involved in securing the winning bid and that the country gifted UEFA president Michel Platini a Picasso painting.

Oil analysts said the OPEC decision left the oil market vulnerable to much bigger falls as abundant supply of high quality,
05:55 GMT

Brent crude oil plunged as much as $6.50 a barrel on Thursday, and US crude fell by nearly as much.