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December 1, 2014

Prince Harry has been spotted smoking from a shisha pipe onboard a yacht in Abu Dhabi. (Image: DM)
10:02 GMT

The tearaway Prince Harry is back with a vengeance royal-yacht style!

Elissa with her beloved gents. (Image: Twitter)
09:00 GMT

Elissa goes on a hot date with two dudes, Wael Kfoury included, duh!

Sami Al Adel is back after foot surgery. (Image courtesy of lyalina)
08:52 GMT

The Egyptian actor is back on homeland soil after traveling abroad for an overdue foot surgery.

Christian Bale in Exodus: Gods and Kings, by Ridley Scott. Rupert Murdoch has spoken out on Twitter in support of the film's casting. (Image: 20th Century Fox/Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar)
08:45 GMT

Rupert Murdoch, the owner of 21st Century Fox responded to harsh criticism over the lack of ethnic diversity in Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings.

The crowds went crazy for both Pharrell Williams and Ragheb Alama in Abu Dhabi. (Images: Facebook)
08:45 GMT

What's not to love with local and global faves storming the Abu Dhabi "Ya Salam" stage?

Ahmed Helmy assures fans he's doing better. (Image: Facebook)
08:10 GMT

Why was he in America, how long did he know about his illness, and other questions curious fans want to know about Ahmed Helmy's journey with cancer answered here.

The dress that got the Arab world and Western media talking. (Image: DM)
08:05 GMT

Haifa Wehbe's "naked" dress caused a media frenzy this month, but now ISIS have caught up with the insanity and are super mad at her!

Funeral procession for the joy-giving songstress.
07:24 GMT

Maronite patriarch Beshara Rahi had some joyful things to say about the late pop singer at her funeral on Sunday.

November 30, 2014

Assaf had a very successful concert in London over the weekend. (Image: Facebook)
14:56 GMT

Palestine's golden boy Mohammed Assaf gave Londoners something to smile about with his lively concert on Friday.

Dina Sharbini is not too happy about being banned from acting. (Image: Facebook)
14:52 GMT

After spending a year in prison for doing drugs, Egyptian actress Dina Sharbini has been set free. Her acting career, however, was not so lucky.

What's going on between these two?
14:31 GMT

These two celebs have a friendship that's good as gold.

Artists, friends, relatives and fans of the late Sabah really showed her the love on her funeral Sunday. (Image: The Daily Star)
14:13 GMT

Hundreds of admirers, artists and public figures joined the family of legendary Lebanese diva Sabah for her funeral Sunday.

These two were pretty much inseparable. (Image: Facebook)
10:28 GMT

Lebanese songstress is accepting condolences after losing her bosom buddy Sabah last week.

Star Wars 7 is forcing its way into theaters next month. (Image: Facebook)
09:30 GMT

The real deal was released on Friday, but a couple days before that a very well made fake came out. In both clips, a very familiar UAE desert is visible.

SJP as her character Carrie Bradshaw while trying on some Manolo Blahniks! (Image: Google)
09:15 GMT

Sarah Jessica Parker to launch her new shoe line in Dubai this December. Can we have a pair in size 4, please?