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October 28, 2014

What is Sherine Abdel Wahab thinking after the verdict came out?
10:21 GMT

Sherine is pretty zipped lipped either for legal reasons or due to shell shock after she was sentenced to six months of jail in court.

Ahlam is intimidated by no one, especially no magazine editor! (Image: Facebook)
10:00 GMT

Ahlam is headed to court next year, and she's seriously not shy about it.

Is Shujoon Al Hajery happy to be single again?
09:29 GMT

The Kuwaiti actress out on the open market again after finalizing her divorce from husband and business manager Ahmad Al Biraiki

"The Price" marks Saba's third participation in an Egyptian film. (Image: Facebook)
09:19 GMT

Jordanian actress Saba Mubarak and Egyptian actor Amro Youssef deliver a humanitarian message in their new film "The Price."

A still from "Ghadi," which will be competing in next year's Oscars in the "Best Foreign Language Film" category. (Image: Daily Star)
07:43 GMT

Amin Dora’s comedy “Ghadi” is seeking international recognition; let's hope it wins "Best Foreign Language Film" in the 2015 Oscars.

Ahlam and Somaya have recently been very praiseful of one another! (Image: Facebook)
07:18 GMT

Ahlam has a new fan: Somaya al Khashab!

Tribute to the classic group "The Four Seasons" will treat the ears of the festival attendees. (Image courtesy of Khaleej Times)
05:49 GMT

"Big Girls Don't Cry", especially when they're at the Taste of Abu Dhabi coming up next month. With a Four Seasons tribute and delectable delights, it's sure to be a home run of a foodie event.

October 27, 2014

Adel's got nothing against Khaled.
18:39 GMT

Here's what Adel has to say about the rumors going around that he and Khaled Yousif are on the outs.

Mayada Al Hinawi is standing strong for Syria
18:29 GMT

Sorry, "Mazzika", Mayada isn't moving out of her unstable homeland for man or music.

Nesreen Tafesh is on the lookout for her missing family members in "Darine".
16:21 GMT

Ramadan 2015 will bring the Syrian drama "Darine" to our screens where Nesreen Tafesh will portray a woman shocked to discover her family is missing from Damascus.

Teresa Corvina, Bashar Atiyat, Guillaume de Saille, Khaled Abol Naga and Mohammed Hefzi during a panel discussion at the film festival. (Image: Khaleej Times)
14:43 GMT

For the first time in Abu Dhabi Film Festival's history, experts gathered for an open public discussion on the poor film acting and directing in Arab cinema.

Maya is one of the spokeswomen for the #PinkStands4 campaign. (Image: Facebook)
14:00 GMT

Maya Diab's #PinkStands4 claimed the number one spot on Glamour Magazine's most influential breast cancer awareness campaigns worldwide.

One of the images captured by Yosra of Beyoncé on her Mrs Carter Show World Tour. (Image: Yosra El-Essawy/Invision)
11:21 GMT

Superstar Beyonce posted verses from the Quran on her Instagram account yesterday. What's all that about?

Many films find their way to Abu Dhabi for shooting. (Image courtesy of Digital Productions Middle East)
10:53 GMT

After Star Wars and Fast and Furious filmed their sequels in the city, other productions are following suit to make Abu Dhabi one of the top international locations for film.

Tarik on set while directing Bieber's new music video!  (Image: Freitekh Press Office)
09:51 GMT

Palestinian director Tarik Freitekh wraps up directing Justin Bieber's latest music video "Work for It."