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May 3, 2013

Shubha Mudgal the vocals and plays the tanpura.
14:08 GMT

Shubha Mudgal, an iconic musician who specialises in Hindustani classical music, performed on Tuesday 23 April in Cairo and on 25 April in Alexandria. It was a pleasant surprise to find the Cairo Opera House Small Hall full to the brim – so much so that some had to listen to the concert standing.

Jannat Mahid. Via her facebook fan page.
06:59 GMT

Moroccan superstar Jannat Mahid is releasing her first album in the past three years next week and will shortly begin working on a music video for the album's most popular song.

May 2, 2013

There's no hugs between them now!
12:58 GMT

Egyptian actress Rania Yousif would like to keep her drama on the screen, but her real life story is way more scandalous. Ex-husband Karim Al Shabrai is behind bars for the fourth time.

The man, the legend Mohamed Mounir is coming to town!
12:33 GMT

Egypt's legendary singer Mohamed Mounir is performing a concert at the Ayn Al Sukhna City to an already sold-out crowd this spring.

Can Yusra handle it all?
10:08 GMT

Yusra Al Lawzi is getting jiggy with her career. Not only is she hosting the hit talent show “the X- Factor” with fellow Egyptian star Basil Al Zaro, but she’s also headlining a new film and TV drama both.

Jamal the player
09:32 GMT

Jamal Suleiman plays the womanizer in his latest greatest Ramadan drama "Nuqtat Daef" (Weak Spot), directed by Ahmad Shafiq.

Are you ready to rock with Rihanna?
08:26 GMT

Tickets go on sale in a week for Rihanna's blingin' fall show in Abu Dhabi.

Hani looks us in the eyes and tell us the truth: he's not on Facebook.
07:49 GMT

Be not deceived – Hani Salama is not on Facebook, or Twitter, or pretty much the internet, so don’t believe what you read.

Syrian refugees in Jordan's Zaatari Camp.
06:48 GMT

On Wednesday 8 May, a concert featuring classical pieces and traditional Syrian music will be put on at the Cairo Opera House.

May 1, 2013

Samer Al Masri's life is reportedly under threat following the much-loved Syrian actor's public declaration of support for the Syrian opposition.
13:42 GMT

Samer Al Masri's life is reportedly under threat following the much-loved Syrian actor's public declaration of support for the Syrian opposition.

In the video for her hit song, Ya Majnooeg (Crazy), Rola cranks up the drama with a little help from Syrian funny man Radwan Qintar.
12:54 GMT

Stars in the Arab Celebosphere are known for experimenting with new styles and Lebanese lovely, Rola Saad, isn't about to buck the trend.

(picture used for illustrative purposes)
11:40 GMT

In a land where women fight for rights like education, they got to let down their hair and party hardy at a ladies only concert in Afghanistan.

Helani in the judges chair on TV show 'The Voice'
10:39 GMT

Fans are eagerly awaiting Assi Helani's new romantic music video

Wael Kfoury
10:16 GMT

Lebanese singer and X Factor judge Wael Kfoury has denied reports that he intends to sue the press over the publication of rumours about his personal life.

Dubai still digs Justin!
08:01 GMT

Get the rundown of cray-cray on Justin Bieber's Believe World Tour. Despite it all, Dubai is ready to rock with the teen sensation later this week.