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August 16, 2013

Cairo Opera House will remain empty until further notice. (Image:
05:00 GMT

Now isn't the time for opera in Egypt. With tragic violence erupting around the country, the Cairo Opera House has suspended all activities for the time being.

August 15, 2013

Are you ready for 'Tonight' with Amr Diab?
10:21 GMT

Well, he might still not have released the full album yet -C’mon, already!- but his single release ‘Al Leila’ (Tonight) has led him to beat Sherine Abdel Wahab for most watched YouTube vid.

A snapshot from Latifa's latest YouTube clip (Tanned Man). (Image: YouTube)
09:39 GMT

YouTube is the place for videos of any kind, and singer Latifah has released her latest fabulous music video on the site!

Will Haifa Wehbe take relational advice from Arab Idol diva Ahlam?
09:32 GMT

We’ve been questioning if Haifa Wehbe will ever get back together with her former husband. Now Ahlam, at least, thinks they should!

Snapshots from Elissa's video "I'm Fed Up With You." (Image: YouTube)
09:09 GMT

Elissa's latest music video has finally been released, and its YouTube viewing numbers are going through the roof!

Carole Samaha has to take a break from the mic due to her illness.
08:24 GMT

With an illness that sounds incredibly painful, Lebanese superstar Carole Samaha has had to delay the debut of her new musical play ‘til December.

Elissa is hot and bothered by Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. (Image: Facebook)
08:21 GMT

The Muslim Brotherhood have been causing mayhem in Egypt and superstar Elissa is tweeting away about just how furious she is with them!

Syrian actor Jamal Suliman dreams of becoming an international star. (Image: Facebook)
07:40 GMT

While some celebs like act as political activists, other prefer to keep their heads in the sand. Actor Jamal Suliman's only concern is what's happening next in his acting career!

The fifth Bahrain Summer Festival is set to be full of fun surprises. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Bahrain is set to host the fifth Bahrain Summer Festival next week to celebrate being named Capital of Arab Tourism 2013.

August 14, 2013

Snapshot from 'Summer Days With Coo' (Image: Youtube)
12:43 GMT

The Japanese film 'A Good Husband' is just one of the many flicks to be screened in Alexandria and Cairo over the next week (15-22 August) for lovers of all things sushi and anime, thanks to The Japan Foundation.

'Fast & Furious 7' has been on the hunt for the perfect shooting locale! (Image: Facebook)
10:00 GMT

The deets are in, and now it looks as though Abu Dhabi will be the filming location for 'Fast & Furious 7', not Dubai as previously thought!.

Former Arab Idol judge Nancy Ajram will be returning to the panel in Season 3. (Image: Facebook)
09:34 GMT

We love reality TV shows, and what makes them fab and entertaining are the judging panels! Nancy Ajram returns to the Arab Idol panel in Season 3!

Nawal Al Zoghbi's Eid concert exceeded all expectations. (Image: Facebook)
09:06 GMT

Miss Nawal Al Zoghbi's concert was said to have exceeded all expectations and was one of the top Eid El Fitr concerts. She must doing something right!

Sherine Abdel Wahab wishes she was born in the 1920s classic era. (Image: Facebook)
08:30 GMT

The 1930s were a beautiful time to be alive for musicians, and singer Sherine Abdel Wahab wishes she was born right there and then!

Maya Nasri showing off her blessed baby bump!
08:21 GMT

Creating social media mania, Lebanese singer Maya Nasri informed fans that she’s got a bun in the oven as a birthday surprise.