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June 18, 2013

Whoever said the life of an actress is easy has not followed May Sakkaf's story.
11:49 GMT

Syrian actress May Sakkaf has fled Syria and escaped to Lebanon after being called a terrorist by Assad's regime.

Farah Youssef has hottie Samo Zaen on her side!
09:12 GMT

Never fear, Farah, your fellow Syrian hottie singer Samo Zaen has got your back, even if he is busy workin' on his new album!

Ghada Abdel Raziq has a new look and psychological problems in 'A Life's Story'
09:02 GMT

Ghada Abdel Raziq has a new show coming to town this Ramadan with a character that's got some cray-cray problems in 'A Life's Story'.

Photo from the event's Facebook page
08:03 GMT

Some of the region's top artists have taken their projects on the road to exhibit in the second edition of London's Shubbak festival, to be held from 22 June to 6 July.

Faten Hamama looks back at career (Photo from her Facebook page)
06:22 GMT

Acclaimed Egyptian film actress Faten Hamama shares stories of her roller coaster path to stardom, says one time she even forgot her son was sick during the entire day's shoot.

Fadel Shaker is proud to support the Free Syrian Army (FSA)
06:00 GMT

After announcing his resignation from his booming musical career last year, Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker has kept us on our toes with some crazy zealous stunts. The latest daring deed is to put his home up for sale to back the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

June 17, 2013

Egyptian beauty Abeer Sabri is returning to work, contrary to recent rumors of her death.
20:58 GMT

For one reason or another, some gossip sites felt it their duty to spread the horrible rumor that Abeer Sabri is dead.

Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts is coming for the 28th time
11:00 GMT

With concerts, handcrafts and more than 100 activities open to the public free of charge, Jerash is the place to be until July 7th for the 28th annual Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts.

It's a regional sci-fi film competition (Photo from MEFCC Facebook page)
09:28 GMT

The Middle East Film Company and Comic Con is allowing regional talent the chance to write a screenplay that's out of this world in a competition for a Middle East-inspired Sci-Fi film.

Beirut Animated packs the house (Photo from Beirut Animated Facebook page)
08:08 GMT

Hurry, so you don't miss all the film fun at 'Beirut Animated' festival this week before it heads off to other locations around the region.

Oufuqy Festival is ready to bring down the house (Photo by Abdelrhman Hussein on Oufuqy Festival Facebook page)
07:28 GMT

It's gonna be awesome in Alexandria with Oufuqy Music Festival coming to town. From 17-23 June, the city will be infiltrated with 12 concerts, 7 film screenings, 3 workshops, an improvised jam night, and thousands of fans!

The late Egyptian diva Umm Kalthoum has her own Facebook page (photo from
07:05 GMT

It's all about social media these days, and even Arab artists who are no more are getting in on the deal. Fans of late, great regional talents are creating pages dedicated to the work of their favorite artists.

Dolly Shaheen surely loves her baby girl.
05:00 GMT

In a close encounter of the terrifying kind, actress and singer Dolly Shaheen’s daughter Nour miraculously survived death.

June 16, 2013

Ahlam eats her heart out getting all the Arab Idol attention on stage
11:00 GMT

The Lebanese diva can't let the contestants get too much attention, making sure her Arab Idol guest appearance steals the thunder and rains down drama.

Myriam Fares' verified Facebook account is on fire!
11:00 GMT

It’s social media mania for Myriam Fares. The starlet has more than four million legit likes on her verified Facebook account and her latest YouTube clip is going crazy!