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May 18, 2013

Despite her age and efforts, Lebanese singer Sabah is still the queen of love...and gossips.
08:39 GMT

Lebanese singer still a hot topic for gossips with latest rumor saying she has married a 21-year-old.

I'm not dead yet, ladies...Cheeky chappy Qusai Hatem will live to see another day. Image courtesy of MBC
08:02 GMT

The rumour mill worked overdrive when it reported that former The Voice contestant Qusai Hatem was dead. No one was more surprised that Qusai himself to hear the reports. Luckily for his fans, he quickly tweeted that he was ok.

Freedom! Syrian actress May Skaf was released after her second arrest for her vocal opposition to Assad's regime.
07:47 GMT

Syrian actress and activist May Skaf who was arrested on allegations of terrorism was freed later on Friday evening.

May 17, 2013

Walking the fine line: sexy but not vulgar for Lebanese singer Pascal's new video.
11:02 GMT

Lebanese singer Pascal self-censors her latest video and gets the cold shoulder from her director.

Elissa doesn't look like a balloon to us....
10:59 GMT

Lets hope for his sake that cheeky X Factor judge Wael Kfoury's latest comments on fellow judge Elissa as a "big blown up balloon don't get taken the wrong way!

May 16, 2013

11:08 GMT

“It was important to have the museum be a museum of hope, to show that it is possible to rebuild a new life after living through something very dramatic,”director Roger Mayou told AFP ahead of the official reopening on May 18.

From smiles to serious faces, AUC showcased a musical double feature
10:54 GMT

AUC Music Department delivered two classic story lines in a performance that blew the audience away. The one-act opera ‘The Telephone’ and highlights from ‘Les Miserables’ translated into Egyptian Colloquial Arabic made folks go from laughter to tears all in one night.

Sharif has somethin' to smile about.
10:12 GMT

Looks like congratulations are in order for good ol’ Egyptian actor, Sharif Munir, on the birth of his newest granddaughter, Lara.

What creation will Tamer and JLo culminate?
10:07 GMT

Egypt’s megastar is perfecting the art of East meets West in music by developing joint projects with the U.S.’s hottest singers: Jennifer Lopez (JLo), Pitbull, and Akon.

Angelina Jolie makes another daring move.
08:26 GMT

The region's fave philanthropist took an extreme precautionary measure against breast cancer with her recent double mastectomy, but many folks are wondering if it was REALLY necessary. One of Dubai's top breast cancer specialist, however, agrees with Angelina's sensible decision.

Mohammad Assaf has shined on Arab Idol, making Palestine proud.
08:03 GMT

An Israeli TV station aired a report in Hebrew, highlighting the large fan base for the Palestinian homeboy, Mohammad Assaf, who is a season 2 finalist on the MBC talent show.

Polish pianist Mariola Cieniawa can fan herself and play at the same time.
05:00 GMT

One of Poland's outstanding pianists is bringing the music to Egypt. Mariola Cieniawa will perform a recital at Cairo's historic Manasterly Palace on Sunday 19 May.

May 15, 2013

Super7 on the air with Catboy and Geordiebird from Dubai 92 FM
13:46 GMT

Dubai's caped superhero lands on the radio for the most important meal of the morning - Super7 goes live on the Catboy and Geordiebird’s Dubai 92 readio breakfast show as a part of his 10,000 Shukrans mission.

Hanan Abdalla - "In the Shadow of a Man"
13:37 GMT

“Better the shadow of a man,” an Egyptian proverb suggests, “than the shadow of a wall.”

Dubai tourists are ready to party like rock stars
12:45 GMT

The UAE has got it going on right now with a stellar tourism industry that brings with it big-name performances like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and old school Metallica.