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October 4, 2013

Diana Karazon shows she's at least easy on the eyes! (Image: Facebook)
09:00 GMT

Jordanian singer Diana Karazon has recorded a new song in the Moroccan accent with the ever so pretentious title of "Ana Ahla" (I'm the Prettiest).

Hanan Turk is depressed after her ex-husband was caught cross-dressing. (Image:Facebook)
05:10 GMT

A distraught Hanan Turk is depressed after her ex-husband was arrested for indecent behavior.

October 3, 2013

Ahlam posted two Instagram videos asking fans to help her choose a new diamond ring. (Image: Instagram)
11:01 GMT

Ahlam is shopping for diamonds again; but this time, she needs your help!

Singer Shamma Hamdan escaped arrest after she fled the scene when Saudi Arabia’s religious police stormed a music party in the Gulf Kingdom. (Image: Facebook)
10:27 GMT

Saudi's religious police raided a party in Riyadh where famous singer Shamma Hamdan was singing.

Rogina flipped out on Arwa on the "Nawaret" show. (Image: Facebook)
10:01 GMT

On Monday night, Egyptian actress Rogina blew up in TV host Arwa's face in front of a live TV audience. What made her go cray cray?

Talented artists bring the classic story to life on ice. (Image courtesy of
09:04 GMT

'Cinderella on Ice' makes the tale as old as time a believable one, even while skating over ice. The international act is currently entertaining audiences in Abu Dhabi.

Jenny Asper goes down the wrong path in her newest film (Image: Facebook)
08:41 GMT

A girl raised in an orphanage and coerced into a life of money laundering is the premise for the character played by Jenny Asper in the upcoming drama ‘Khawatim’ (Rings).

Ghada Abdel Razek back with ex-hubby Mohammad Fouda. (Image: Youtube)
08:28 GMT

Guess who Ghada Abdel Razek is actually married to? Nope, not to that camera-crew director, she's not!

Le Passé movie poster (Image: Facebook)
07:59 GMT

Is 'Le Passé' French or Iranian, question some after the film was submitted for Oscars consideration as an Iranian piece.

Marwa Mohammad lookin' fab as she heads to her VIP party (Image courtesy of Hia magazine)
05:00 GMT

Looks like Saudi actress Marwa Mohammad is making it big time with her latest flick ‘Sada’ (Echo) in the Moroccan Arabic film festival.

October 2, 2013

Janet Jackson and her Qatari husband are considering adopting from the region
12:56 GMT

A kid in need of a new family from Syria or Jordan could have super celebrity Janet Jackson as their new momma.

Al Murray returns to the region! (Image: Facebook)
12:30 GMT

No novice to the comedy scene in Dubai, British comedian Al Murray returns to get another laugh out of Dubai fans this weekend.

Kinda Alloush will be on the judging committee for the 29th round of the Alexandria Film Festival. (Image: Elbashayer)
10:04 GMT

Kinda Alloush is not only a brilliant actress, she's a great judge too. The starlet will be on the judging committee of the 29th Alexandria Film Festival.

Diana Haddad's new look in her latest music video. (Image: Twitter)
09:06 GMT

Diana Haddad celebrates the release of her latest music video.

Hani Shaker furious at drugs rumors. (Image: Facebook)
08:45 GMT

Has Hani Shaker been focusing more on getting stoned and less on singing lately?