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July 9, 2013

Inside Out, a band that battled it out (Image: Facebook)
09:21 GMT

A large crowd gather to witness a battle of the bands in Bahrain at Sanitarium, the Kingdom's biggest concert. Too bad for them, it was a Saudi group that took home the prize!

Eek! Where is everybody?! Tamer calls his agent! (Image: Facebook)
08:49 GMT

What went wrong with Tamer Hosny's Dubai concert that led to only 1,500 peeps in the audience?

Actress Reem Abdullah acting away. (Image: Facebook)
08:29 GMT

While most Arab actresses will be appearing in dramas this Ramadan, Saudi actress Reem Abdullah has chosen to go the other way.

National dedication: Khaled Salim and Sherine show Egypt the love
08:01 GMT

It has been an insanely dramatic week for Egypt, but that hasn't stopped Khaled Salim, Sherine, and other Egyptian singers from recording national songs to show their support.

Tamer Hagras is done with serious and turns to funny in 'Mom's Husband' (Image: Facebook)
07:19 GMT

Tamer Hagras' inauguration into the world of comedy starts in the hilarious upcoming TV show called 'Jawz Mama' (Mom's Husband).

The happy couple reunited after one week apart (Image: Facebook)
05:05 GMT

Breaking up is hard to do, but getting back together must be pretty easy for Amal Arafa and her hubby. She thought she couldn't live with Abdul Monem, then realized she can't live without 'em.

July 8, 2013

Asala Nasri and Angham can't believe what happened! (Images: Facebook)
15:19 GMT

It's a war of words right now with Syrian songstress Asala Nasri and Egyptian home-girl Angham posting patriotic songs with the very same title within days of each other!

Superstar Najwa Karam performs on the Jerash stage. (Image: Facebook)
14:49 GMT

Over 8000 fans make the scene at Jerash's big bash of the year. The weekend concerts at the music festival were a smashing success.

Picture this: A Bahraini's the best comedian around! Waddah Swar celebrates victory (Image: Kitkat Comedy Break website)
13:24 GMT

Kitkat gave a Bahraini his big break. The comedian to win the title of 'Funniest in the Arab World' went to Bahraini comedian Waddah Swar in the 'Kitkat Comedy Break' held in Dubai!

Halima Poland in her bond-inspired suit! (Image: Facebook)
12:36 GMT

Never Say Never: Halima Poland says yes to anything exciting, and a Bond-inspired show is just what we need!

Wafaa Amer is NOT happy about Turkish TV (Image: Facebook)
12:18 GMT

Turkish soap operas are THE ones to watch nowadays. They're fun, edgy and original. But one Egyptian actress, Wafaa Amer ain't too happy about that!

Jumana Murad smiles and knows what she wants!
09:30 GMT

Jumana Murad is a woman who knows what she wants and is talented enough to get it! The Syrian actress has added 'no stunt doubles' for her role in Far'oun" (Pharaoh) to her list of demands.

Majida El Roumi stays calm and collected in Tunisia. (Image: Facebook)
08:46 GMT

Majida El Roumi is used to being shown the love from fans all over the region, so why did the Tunisian press not take too kindly to her?

What's mine is yours: Nancy shares Jiji with Ahmad! (Image: Facebook)
08:42 GMT

Whenever we hear the name Jiji Lamara we instantly associate it with superstar Nancy Ajram, but things are about to change peeps...

The 5 must-see Arab films this year. (Image: Your Middle East)
07:59 GMT

While we wait for this year’s Arab film festivals to introduce some brand new modern-day classics, let's have a look at these five notables from 2012.