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May 28, 2013

Ahmed Helmy's smiles are for his wife only
10:55 GMT

Ahmed Helmy is saying no to everything else and keepin' his eyes fixed on his wife Muna Zaki as she stars in "Dunia Asia" for this coming Ramadan.

Jamil Rateb is still kickin'
10:34 GMT

Hey, hey, hey simmer down the death rumors, peeps. Nearly ever week, some celebrity is rumored to be six feet under. This time it was Jamil Rateb’s name that was added to the collection of such false gossip.

Sherine can't wipe the smile off her face these days. We wonder why???
09:50 GMT

Who could it be? Who could it be? Egyptian superstar is likely in love again, but the identity of the mystery man is TBA.

A destroyed Beirut on display.
09:16 GMT

"Installing the Ruin" photo display is up at Galerie Tanit this week in Beirut, reminding guests of the war torn Beirut last decade.

Photo credit goes to BBC Apprentice Facebook page
06:36 GMT

The hit UK show 'The Apprentice' filmed their latest episode in Dubai and will be airing it tonight for the world to enjoy.

'Angry Birds' Theme Park is coming soon! (Photo credit to
06:00 GMT

The world’s most downloaded game is about to become a fun destination somewhere in the Gulf as three different cities are vying for the privilege to construct the region's first 'Angry Birds' theme park.

May 27, 2013

Jassmi joyful over Rifi's reign over X Factor Arabia
10:33 GMT

The dust has settled just a little, and the joy of his boy Mohammed Al Rifi claiming the X-Factor victory is sinking in for superstar team leader Hussein Al Jassmi.

'Da club is hoppin' (PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Amr Medhat)
09:26 GMT

El Fusion is 'da happenin' thing to attend in Cairo every Tuesday this summer, and it's started off with a strum and a bang.

Ballet comes to Beirut
09:15 GMT

Beirut Dance Project's classical ballet rendition of "Beauty and the Beast" helps children from disadvantaged families achieve their dream.

Mawazine Festival

Mawazine Festival (photo by sabir el mouakil)
08:50 GMT

The International music extravaganza of Rabat's Mawazine Festival is underway with big, big names from all over the world.

Dr. Rihanna? Mad scientist? What is the superstar wearing?
08:26 GMT

Rihanna usually flaunts what her momma gave her, but the superstar actually attempted to cover up a little for the conservatives at the Mawazine Festival in Rabat on Friday by wearing a Doctor-like coat. Whether or not she was actually successful in her efforts, you be the judge.

Range Rover Evoque brand ambassador Ali F. Mostafa announced major new project at Cannes Film Festival.
07:39 GMT

Land Rover is taking over the Emirate film industry with an exciting new film "A to B" directed by Ali F Mostafa.

Bill Clinton is in the Life Ball celebosphere
05:00 GMT

Celebrities from all around shared the spotlight in the Austrian capital for the Life Ball, but Eser Zade looked the craziest of them all in an outfit tailored in Turkey.

May 26, 2013

Walid Tawfiq (right) has begun a war of words with Ragheb Alama (left) by not saying anything at all.
15:16 GMT

By refusing even to acknowledge Ragheb Alama's name, Walid Tawfiq has just opened a huge can of worms and rumors.

The short film "Needle" wins the first place in Cannes
11:39 GMT

Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, an Iranian student in Chicago, won $19,500 for her short film "Needle" at the Cannes Film Festival short film competition.