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June 16, 2013

Ahlam eats her heart out getting all the Arab Idol attention on stage
11:00 GMT

The Lebanese diva can't let the contestants get too much attention, making sure her Arab Idol guest appearance steals the thunder and rains down drama.

Myriam Fares' verified Facebook account is on fire!
11:00 GMT

It’s social media mania for Myriam Fares. The starlet has more than four million legit likes on her verified Facebook account and her latest YouTube clip is going crazy!

Celebrity judge Nancy Ajram hugs Ziad Khoury goodbye (Photo posted to Instagram and Ziad Khoury's Facebook page)
10:24 GMT

Another one bites the dust, leaving the competition down to just three candidates. Ziad Khoury says farewell to Arab Idol with a hug from Nancy.

Ruby is ready to play the funny girl.
10:00 GMT

Egyptian actress and songstress Ruby is ready to leave her days of drama behind and is moving into the land of comedy with a funny role in "Al Harami wal Abeet" (The Thief and the Idiot).

Essam Karika denies the blame
08:38 GMT

Whoops! Somebody spilled the beans and leaked the theme song for Haifa Wehbe’s new TV drama, but put away the tar and feathers ‘cause Essam Karika says it wasn’t him!

Yousra shines in Beirut.
08:29 GMT

Legendary Egyptian actress Yousra is in Beirut to film and she brought some fellow Lebanese celebs with her.

Get it, Girl! The screen LOVES Sherine! (Photo from Arab Idol Facebook page)
05:00 GMT

Egyptian superstar Sherine takes to the stage and screen on one of the final Arab Idol episodes of the season.

June 14, 2013

Ahlam goes from judge to guest star this week (Photo from Arab Idol Facebook page)
11:59 GMT

The Emirati singer says that her guest performance on the talent show will be enormous

June 13, 2013

Lovely interiors Yara, wonder who did the decorating? (Al Bawaba file photo)
17:21 GMT

Lebanese singer Yara has been having a sneaky affair with a married man who she hired to decorate her house.

Rita and Fares might just be friends but they are close ones for sure. (File photo).
17:06 GMT

It sounds like there never was love in the air between the Lebanese celebrity Rita Karkafi and singer Fares Karam.

Look into Hisham Abbas's eyes. Does he look like he could scam anyone?
14:30 GMT

Apparently a Cairo court has already declared Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas a stone cold swindler. Hisham, however, plans to have the last word.

Think about it. Is the region ready for Russell Brand?
10:00 GMT

Ready or not, here comes an uncensored Russell Brand with his 'Messiah Complex' show in Abu Dhabi, Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine later this summer.

Watawat dance crew (Photo from the crew's Facebook page)
08:10 GMT

The dance crew based in UAE beat up the competition, winning second place in a regional Filipino TV talent contest.

There's Ahmed's Rhino!
06:30 GMT

It's here, it's there, it's everywhere! The Rhinoceros story is an allegory at the Mashrabia Gallery where Ahmed Sabry's paintings are currently on display.

Lebanese artist Akram Zaatari (Photos by Marco Milan)
05:00 GMT

The latest work by one of region's talented artists, Akram Zaatari, is up for display at the Venice Arsenale until November 24th. “Letter to a Refusing Pilot,” is a whimsical piece of recollection.