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July 17, 2013

This could soon be you in the lineup! Do u have what it takes?
09:56 GMT

Anybody that makes it into The Cairo Opera Orchestra has reached the height of their orchestral career, and now the chance is yours with the announcement of openings for new professional musicians with auditions taking place early September!

Ahmed Bedair blows minds with a new play on his birthday.
09:39 GMT

The Jordanian Arts scene is doing so well that Egyptian Ahmad Bedeir chose his new daring play to screen in Jordan!

Is 'Ramadan Marwa' for real? Songstress sings new religious prayer.
08:50 GMT

Looks like ‘Ramadan Marwa’ is becoming a real thing. Last year she went family friendly film star for the holy month, and this year she’s recorded a religious prayer.

Mai Kassab is back with a bang!
08:41 GMT

It's been a long six years but our fave young star Mai Kassab is back with a new album.

Amelle Berrabah (L) sportin' her outfit that was not sunlight proof! (Image: Twitter)
08:21 GMT

No one would ever confuse her with being Amish, but we think the Arab background songstress might have revealed a little more than even she would want at Hyde Park.

All smiles: Amr Diab happy with 1 mill followers. (Image: Facebook)
08:02 GMT

Twitter: The place to measure just how popular one is. Amr Diab is certainly breaking a record of the popularity test on the social network!

Sweet actress Ward Al Khal. (Image: Facebook)
06:00 GMT

Actress Ward Al Khal may look provocative, but she's really conservative at heart.

Assi Helani feeling merciful this Ramadan. (Image:Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Most people just fast in Ramadan, singer Assi Helani fasts and records special songs dedicated to the Holy month.

July 16, 2013

Coming soon: Fast & Furious 7. (Image: Facebook)
15:03 GMT

'Fast & Furious' fans, get ready 'cause the seventh film's movie auditions are coming to Dubai!

Getting defensive: Amr Waked walks out of Tony Khalife's show. (Image: Facebook)
13:00 GMT

Politics can make us flip out, but more so for politically-involved actor Amr Waked than others, as witnessed on his recent guest appearance on the TV show “Asfeen Ya Rayes” (Sorry, Mr. President).

Amal Arafeh returns to Syria
12:00 GMT

After spending a year abroad in Dubai and Beirut, Amal Arafeh and her family decided to take the sad sojourn back to Syria where a different Damascus awaited.

Qamar wonders if she'll have better success on stage than on the screen this year.
11:45 GMT

After two major let downs in film and television, Lebanese actress Qamar takes her talent to the stage in the new Egyptian play "Inheritance".

Daring has a different meaning for Hind Sabri. (Image: Facebook)
11:00 GMT

Hind Sabri is a sweet character by nature, but in her professional life she's as daring as they get!

Brett Weer stars in 'My American Neighbor' alongside Natheer Khawaldeh and Fares Hadadeen (Image: Facebook)
09:48 GMT

Our in-house American writer and comedian, Brett Weer, has a blast living life here with Arabs and has used his personal cultural mishaps and jokes as inspiration for his starring role in a new comedy series 'My American Neighbor' on Ro'ya TV through Ramadan.

Handsome Mr. Lebanon takes offense to sexual prepositions. (Image: Facebook)
09:29 GMT

We love eyeing up hot men, but we wouldn't go as far as... asking them to get down and dirty with us!