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May 1, 2013

Wael Kfoury
10:16 GMT

Lebanese singer and X Factor judge Wael Kfoury has denied reports that he intends to sue the press over the publication of rumours about his personal life.

Dubai still digs Justin!
08:01 GMT

Get the rundown of cray-cray on Justin Bieber's Believe World Tour. Despite it all, Dubai is ready to rock with the teen sensation later this week.

Ahmed Helmy says he's the real deal
07:25 GMT

All you other Ahmed Helmy’s are just imitating, so please get off Twitter, please get off Twitter. Egypt’s comedy actor tweets with fans to let them know he’s the real deal.

Abdel Rahman said that following two nights of the show, it was brought to the attention of Islamist figures that the play was critical of them, "which led them to threaten to stop the show and destroy the theatre."
06:41 GMT

Theatre official says that after threats of violence from Islamists, the authorities have decided to relocate 'Diwan Al-Baqar' (Salon of the Crows).

April 30, 2013

Pinocchio: A Puppet's Story, based on the timeless story of a wooden puppet by Carlo Collodi, will premier in Egypt at the Cairo Opera House on Sunday 5 May.
12:19 GMT

'Pinocchio: A Puppet's Story' is retold through dance and music by Italian actor and director at the Cairo Opera House on Sunday 5 May.

Amal Maher sings for Sinai
10:47 GMT

Sinai Liberation Day was celebrated in style with singing stars from across the region at The Future University in Egypt on April 25th.

She's "Kinda" excited too!
10:17 GMT

Kinda Alloush returns to the big screen with a leading role in "Excusable".

Feisty Egyptian actress Nadia Al Jundi
09:48 GMT

Excuses, excuses. Nadia Al Jundi makes up a reason to appear backstage to new Egyptian talent in "WWIII".

Erbil's getting hot, hot, hot with Hatem and Haifa
09:13 GMT

Only a month 'til concert time in Erbil, Iraq. Haifa Wehbe and Hatem Al Iraqi shared the deets at the Four Seasons Hotel, Beirut.

Emel Mathlouthi the new "Fairuz" (photo courtesy of
07:41 GMT

Considered her generation's "Fairuz", Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi's smooth voice enchants Egypt.

Is the clown alive or dead? The confusion continues. (photo courtesy of
07:01 GMT

The French production 'Le Prince Séquestré' will do nothing to bring you out of a bad mood - it may frustrate you even more.

With sold-out shows across America, Canada and Europe already, Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ tour is proving to be a massive hit with young music fans.
06:24 GMT

Ahead of his UAE shows on Saturday and Sunday, here's four fab facts everyone should know about the teen pop sensation.

April 29, 2013

Amr Diab denies divorce
10:33 GMT

After rumors of divorce, Egyptian superstar Amr Diab posted a pic on twitter to simmer the gossip.

Cyrine Abdelnour's controversial scenes with Khaled Al Nabawi cause another commotion
10:09 GMT

"Al Musafer" (The Traveler) Film Director Ahmad Maher is ready to sue an Egyptian satellite channel for not airing some controversial scenes, which he says is a violation of contract.

Nicole Saba can do it all, preggo or no.
09:53 GMT

After promising to take it easy during her pregnancy, Nicole Saba still sings at a big-time wedding with Mohamed Mounir.