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May 30, 2013

Hassan Niazi in 'Taan' (Photo from Hassan' official Facebook page)
05:00 GMT

With plots as thick and tricky as same-gender and cross-religious love relationships, Pakistan's 'Taan' is the country's answer to the controversial American TV show 'Glee'.

May 29, 2013

Will audiences choose beauty over humor when Qamar and Hunaidi have competing quiz shows this Ramadan?
17:21 GMT

It is on between the beautiful Lebanese artists Qamar and Mohammad Hunaidi this Ramadan Season.

Mawazine will love Tamer Hosny's treat this weekend.
12:48 GMT

The region’s fave Egyptian boy is headed to the Mawazine Music Festival this weekend with a special treat for Morocco.

Aida El-Ayoubi finally centre stage in El Sawy Culturewheel.
12:45 GMT

Fans have patiently waited for Aida El-Ayoubi's return to Cairo. On Sunday they got their wish.

"Baghdad Messi" star with Barcelona football player (Photo supplied by director Sahim Omar Khalifa)
12:19 GMT

Short film "Messi Baghdad" child actor Ali al-Zaidawi met up with Barcelona football superstar Lionel Messi in Doha, thanks to the film's director.

Jude Law getting his race on at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit (photo from
11:44 GMT

'Contagion' actor Jude Law swung by the home of the annual F1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix for a race around the circuit.

The review is out for AIDA opera.
06:00 GMT

We knew it was coming, and now the review is here for Cairo Opera House's entertaining performance of Verdi’s materpiece Aida. Apparently, it was a crowd pleaser.

Tsk, tsk, Sherine, for wearing jeans, some say.
05:00 GMT

Haters gonna hate, we suppose. While her outfit may not have been as scandalous as those of other performers, superstar Sherine’s decision to rock jeans at the concert still led to controversy.

May 28, 2013

Rihanna purrs: “All I see is dollar signs, Ohhh… Money on my mind.”
19:43 GMT

Rihanna is raking in a whoppin' $3 million for her upcoming Abu Dhabi concert later this year. That's some serious Gs, dudes!

Ahmed Helmy's smiles are for his wife only
10:55 GMT

Ahmed Helmy is saying no to everything else and keepin' his eyes fixed on his wife Muna Zaki as she stars in "Dunia Asia" for this coming Ramadan.

Jamil Rateb is still kickin'
10:34 GMT

Hey, hey, hey simmer down the death rumors, peeps. Nearly ever week, some celebrity is rumored to be six feet under. This time it was Jamil Rateb’s name that was added to the collection of such false gossip.

Sherine can't wipe the smile off her face these days. We wonder why???
09:50 GMT

Who could it be? Who could it be? Egyptian superstar is likely in love again, but the identity of the mystery man is TBA.

A destroyed Beirut on display.
09:16 GMT

"Installing the Ruin" photo display is up at Galerie Tanit this week in Beirut, reminding guests of the war torn Beirut last decade.

Photo credit goes to BBC Apprentice Facebook page
06:36 GMT

The hit UK show 'The Apprentice' filmed their latest episode in Dubai and will be airing it tonight for the world to enjoy.

'Angry Birds' Theme Park is coming soon! (Photo credit to
06:00 GMT

The world’s most downloaded game is about to become a fun destination somewhere in the Gulf as three different cities are vying for the privilege to construct the region's first 'Angry Birds' theme park.