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April 22, 2013

6 Contemporary Arts in Cairo
10:58 GMT

A group painting show at 6 Contemporary Arts in Cairo sparks questions about the relationships between the bustling urban cityscapes and the individuals who inhabit them.

Controversial attorney Nabih Al Wahsh couldn't take it anymore
08:41 GMT

In a shocking move, Sheikh Abdullah Badr's lawyer Nabih Al Wahsh flew the coop, and won't be a part of slamming actress Elham Shahin any more.

Video gone viral: sometimes the best entertainment is free!
08:11 GMT

Sometimes the best entertainment is free: A woman was caught on camera refusing to quit smoking on a Middle East Airlines (MEA) flight, and the video went viral!

Malala made the cut
07:15 GMT

Pakistani teenage activist Malala Yousafzai officially made it into the list of TIME magazine's 100 most influential people, along with rapper Jay-Z, actress Jennifer Lawrence, and 97 others.

London exhibition to inspire collaboration between Muslims and Jews
06:58 GMT

Who knew that 70 brave Muslims risked their lives to shelter Jews during World War II? The RIghteous Muslim Exhibition in London "hopes to inspire new research into instances of collaboration between the Muslim and Jewish communities."

Ahlam, the judges in Arab Idol, told a Kurdish participant that her country of origin is Iraq and not Kurdistan. (Photo courtesy
06:57 GMT

An Arab Idol judge stressed her staunch disapproval of a Kurdish participant denoting her country of origin as Kurdistan, not Iraq, during the show on Saturday.

April 21, 2013

Justin Bieber's poverty-stricken grandfather thinks the singer "has forgotten" his family.
15:21 GMT

He might be raking it in with not one but two Dubai shows this year but Justin Bieber's poverty-stricken grandfather thinks the singer "has forgotten" his family.

Sabah Fakhri belts out one of his tunes on stage
13:07 GMT

The project was completed in Beirut, which has become popular with Syrian artists fleeing the violence at home

Kinda Alloush says, when it comes to drama, she welcomes a bit of healthy competition.
13:06 GMT

Stars in the Arab celebosphere aren't normally happy to share the spotlight with anyone but Syrian actress Kinda Alloush welcomes a bit of healthy competition.

Dorra keepin' it conservative
12:58 GMT

From entertainment show guest on MBC’s “Nawaret” to TV program host, Dorra’s career keeps on rising.

A contestant walks the catwalk during the first casting in Dubai. (Photo courtesy Gulf News)
11:44 GMT

The UAE is in search for its next top model to participate in the global Elite Model Look Competition, with more than 270 young hopefuls dreaming to win the title, Gulf News reported on Saturday.

Pressure's finally off for TV star Laila Elwi
11:17 GMT

Make up your mind, woman! After going back and forth, Laila Elwi finally pulled the plug on pushing for “Usfoor Al Janah” (Heavenly Bird) to be included this year's Ramadan drama marathon.

The remaining 19 Arab Idol contestants sit on pins and needles
10:36 GMT

Eight smiling faces shine on the stage of the second season of Arab Idol, while another 19 wait on pins and needles to find out if they will be the final four selected by judges.

The X-Factor Arabia cut-throat drama continues
09:26 GMT

The 5th episode of The X Factor Arabia got even more cut-throat when Elissa’s Eman Karakeebo fought against Marrayah from Carole’s team for survival in the competition.

Sherine loves to be in the spotlight
07:15 GMT

Sherine has halted all current projects to recover from a nasty fall down the stairs of her home. While most fans are offering her well wishes along with superstar Angham, others are calling it bluff and just another chance to be in the spotlight.