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February 17, 2013

Mims is playing in the UAE this weekend
06:53 GMT

American rapper Mims, most famously known for that addictive 2007 track, ‘This is Why I’m Hot’ is headed to the UAE this weekend.

Snoop is seen wearing two thobes in his latest video
05:00 GMT

After his NYE performance in the UAE, Snoop is giving us more Middle Eastern love in his latest video as he is seen decked out in not one, but two thobes!

February 16, 2013

Yousra is fed up with those rumors.
07:00 GMT

The legendary Egyptian actress is so fed up with the gossip that she has switched off her cell phone.

Youssef El Sharif (L) with co-star Nelly Kareem
07:00 GMT

The Egyptian acting pair are starring together for a third time running!

Muhammad Rajab ready to defy doctors.
06:00 GMT

The young Egyptian actor says he'll be heading on Umra despite ending up in a hospital bed.

Assi Helani
05:00 GMT

The 'Voice' coach has been a little quiet of late, we catch up on his new projects to find out what he's really been up to.

February 15, 2013

Szymon Klima on clarinet, Joachim Mencel on piano and Adam Kowalewski on double bass and bass guitar (Photo: Sherif Sonbol)
06:00 GMT

The anniversary of Polish legendary classical composer, Witold Lutosławski, is held in the Egyptian capital for the first time.

5 Broken Cameras, the movie poster.
05:00 GMT

The Oscar nominated, '5 Broken Cameras', will be playing in the Egyptian capital on Sunday.

February 14, 2013

by Circo Bellucci
13:07 GMT

The story behind the Italian circus troupe's year-long sold-out tour in Egypt.

Muna Zaki has reportedly said she's not bothered by the naked snaps
11:50 GMT

Usually when stars in the Arab celebosphere are caught without their clothes on, they appear ashen-faced and apologetic. But Egyptian actress Muna Zaki reportedly couldn't care less about her own saucy snaps doing the rounds.

Contributors to Meen Fena (Photo by Meen Fena)
11:09 GMT

As part of the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers campaign, the United Nations Volunteer program in Egypt has got people together to create the song Meen Fena (Which One of Us).

Ramsis Zakari (Archived Photo by Ahram Arabic)
10:54 GMT

Famed Egyptian cartoonist Ramsis Zakari died on Tuesday following a long battle with illness.

Maya Diab says she loves the Egyptian people.
09:31 GMT

The saucy Lebanese star says she's shocked by the rumors and has nothing to fear from visiting Egypt.

Nicole Saba
08:58 GMT

This Valentine's Day, no one is less romantic than Lebanese star, Yousif al Khal.

Rania Fareed Shawqi
08:37 GMT

Messy personal lives aside, Egyptian actress Rania and Syrian activist and star, Jamal are back to work.