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January 28, 2013

Dolly Shahine A slur upon the Muslim Brotherhood
09:16 GMT

Dolly Shahine's revealing and raunchy performance at a Freedom and Justice party's concert in Hurghada has shocked and offended fans who expected better judgement from the Muslim Brotherhood in picking their ambassadors and representatives.

Screenshot from the video showing some of the cars mentioned.
08:30 GMT

The film, 'Millionaire boy-racers', depicts the lives of flashy super car drivers careering down London's well-to-do neighborhoods, while the Brits look on, entertained and annoyed in equal measure.

The usually funny Yasmine is about to get serious, at least for one mini-series.
07:44 GMT

Actress Yasmine Abdul Aziz is preparing for a non-comedic role in a new mini-series due to air this coming Ramadan.

Nicki Minaj
07:36 GMT

Nicki Minaj recalls her trip to Dubai and confesses to falling in love with the emirate, despite nearly tripping up on the public laws of decency. Minaj could not resist the men and the urge to physically express herself with Dubai's hotties.

Diana Haddad breaks records at Dubai's Burj Khalifa crest, 164th floor
05:00 GMT

Diana soars high above Dubia and says cheers to the cameras. When Diana Haddad went where no other female mortal celebrity had been and touched down atop the highest point of Burj Khalifa.

January 27, 2013

Julio Iglesias is performing at the Dubai World Trade Center in March
12:26 GMT

He cancelled his date with Dubai a few years ago but Spanish singer Julio Iglesias is making good with a date in the UAE on March 21.

Tea with Nefertiti (Photo: Mathaf)
12:13 GMT

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art continues its mission to put the spotlight on Arab art.

Slash is returning to the UAE (Photo: Freaky Memory)
11:58 GMT

As he returns to the UAE, the legendary guitarist talks music, performing and an old friend called Rose.

Tamer and Basma: the Arab world's hottest couple
11:38 GMT

The Egyptian megastar and his newly pregnant wife are planning to move Stateside to get American citizenship for their unborn daughter.

Kadim al Sahir at his concert in Byblos, Lebanon.
10:20 GMT

The 'Voice' star is said to be outraged that he snubbed the Baghdad Cultural Capital concert.

Sabah Fakhri
10:05 GMT

The legendary Syrian singer is forced to issue a statement confirming he's still alive after reports of a attempt on his life.

Ruby is not exactly known for her modest clothing choices.
08:47 GMT

Known for her steamy love scenes and skimpy apparel, rumors spread that the sexy singer and actress was attacked while filming on location.

Haifa disappoints no one!
08:21 GMT

The Lebanese superstar says she is "disappointed" with the way Ahmad has been talking to the press about their personal life.

ArtTalks  is coming to Cairo on Tuesday
06:45 GMT

ArtTalks gets set to introduce fine art to a new audience in Cairo.

January 26, 2013

Alice Cooper will compete in the Omega Dubai Desert Classic Challenge Match on Tuesday
10:19 GMT

Singer and musician Alice Cooper will be hoping to hit the right notes when he joins top players to compete in the Omega Dubai Desert Classic Challenge Match on Tuesday at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort.