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May 21, 2013

‘Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear’ is now on display in Cairo
05:08 GMT

Ever look in the side mirror of your car and sense that the car behind you is actually closer than indicated by the reflection? Cairo's Contemporary Image Collective is collaborating with London's Tate Modern to explore why that is through video art.

May 20, 2013

Is Bieber gonna bring Selena 'da bling?
14:18 GMT

Well, we guessed it. Looks like Justin Bieber and former girlfriend Selena Gomez did get back together just before he hit Dubai earlier this month. Now the pop star might even pop the big question!

Errybody in 'da Cairo Jazz Club gettin' crunk
14:11 GMT

Errybody in 'da Cairo Jazz Club gettin' crunk on Tuesdays with El-Fusion for the next few weeks as bands from Egypt and around the region get down with 'da music from now until 4 June.

"Lord" Majed Al Mohandes sports new look
10:01 GMT

After releasing a single on X Factor Arabia, Majed Al Mohandes, formerly known as the “Prince of Arab Singing”, has moved up in the world with a “Lord” title by an Arab magazine in time for his European tour.

Cairo's electrifying experience with Ten Cities Project
09:04 GMT

Cairo could feel the electronic beat after three bands jammed together in Cairo, producing a harmonic performance that still allowed for individual style in the Ten Cities Project last week.

A painting for every mood of Adonis Tohme
08:16 GMT

If you're looking to add some color and energy to your day, visit Adonis Tohme’s “Infusions of Color, Reality and Imagination” at Saifi’s Galerie Piece Unique until May 25.

STOMP steps into Jordan (photo from STOMP Facebook page)
07:14 GMT

Performers from around the world used brooms, lids, matches, and even bananas to entertain the audience with STOMP in a three-day performance at Amman's Palace of Culture.

Amira Abouzahra performs with Tino Oac, vocalist from a popular German band, Söhne Mannheimsat. "Sommer Charity" event organized at Laudenbach, Germany on 10 May 2013. (Photo: Heike Pressler)
05:00 GMT

She might be short and cute, but man the girl can play. After a long standing ovation, 7-year-old Amira Abouzahra asks innocently if that meant the audience wanted to leave.

May 19, 2013

Nancy Ajram doesn't hold back and lets out what it's like to be an AI judge, singing star, and a mama.
10:35 GMT

Despite the challenges of working on the show with Ahlam and fulfilling duties in her career and personal life, Lebanese lovely Nancy Ajram is still happy she accepted the two-year contract to judge the region's contestants.

Saddam's face shot covers the heads and minds of Iraqi citizens
10:03 GMT

'Saddam is here' is the name of the collection that began in 2007 during the worst years of conflict in Iraq with the former dictator. “His shadow is still following Iraqi society everywhere,” says the Iraqi Kurdish photographer.

The Dum Tak Alternative Music Festival is coming to Amman!
09:52 GMT

Get ready to rock with the region's rowdiest singers in Amman later this month at the Dum Tak Alternative Music Festival.

Who's it gonna be out of the final X Factor three?
09:27 GMT

It won’t be long ‘til the region will know the season’s X Factor Arabia winner. The weekend’s show had the group Young Pharoz saying farewell, leaving three dudes to battle it out on Thursday.

Jet-setter Ragheb Alama flies to Paris and back in time for Friday's Arab Idol show
08:39 GMT

Arab Idol judge Ragheb Alama tweeted a pic from Paris last week and had fans wondering if the jet-setter would make it to Friday night’s show as the remaining 10 contestants fought for the title.

Lebanese artist Jean-Marc Nahas speaks of "misery everywhere" with his graphic art (Photo courtesy of
07:38 GMT

If you like bold, graphic, sometimes disturbing art, then head to the Beirut Exhibition Center this month to see the work of Lebanese artist Jean Marc Nahas.

Bieber had to leave his monkey in Munich back in March.
05:00 GMT

Before hip hoppin' it up in Dubai, Justin Bieber had to leave his pet monkey in Munich for failing to provide the animal's vaccination papers during his International 'Believe' tour. Now, the teen star allegedly owes an animal shelter thousands for failing to return for the climbing creature.