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July 5, 2013

Marwan Khoury records song for Cyrine Abdel Nour's TV show (Image: Facebook)
07:00 GMT

Ramadan is next week and stars are frantically promoting their work to fans before the holy month begins.

July 4, 2013

RAAAR! Redhead Dominique climbing to the top (Image: Facebook)
12:46 GMT

Songs, videos, beauty pageants and concerts all at once? This could only be the doing of Dominique Hourani!

Farah Youssef safe & sound! (Image: Facebook)
12:46 GMT

Syrian Farah Youssef lives in country full of suffering, chaos and instability. What really happened to the singer?

In love or just friends? Salma and Mohammad keep us guessing! (Image: Facebook)
12:45 GMT

Are congrats in order? Rumor has it that lovely Salma Rashid is to-be-engaged to Mohammad Assaf!

July 3, 2013

World War Z terror (Image: Facebook)
16:00 GMT

Could it be that the zombie apocalypse film starring Brad Pitt has a pro-Israel bias? That's the debate going around the world as the blockbuster hits.

Tamer Hosny distressed that haters are using his name to destroy computers
12:00 GMT

Beware Tamer fans, a vicious computer virus is on the loose, disguised as a news alert of Tamer Hosny’s death.

No acting for Hind Sabri this Ramadan. (Image: Facebook)
11:00 GMT

They've had their fair share of acting jobs, but now those lovely actresses just wanna kick off their shoes and relax!

Dreams do come true: Nour Iriqsousy with Kazem El Saher
10:42 GMT

Looks like dreams do come true, as former 'The Voice' contestant Nour Iriqsousy will be duetting with none other than Kazem El Saher himself.

Rima Khceich is rockin' the Dawr at Jerash on the 4th! (Image:Facebook)
10:01 GMT

Vocalist Rima Khcheich has dreamed of recording this dawr since she was 12. Now her wish is coming true for all to hear on record and in person at Jerash tomorrow night!

Proud Daddy Mohammed Abdo and his son Khaled (Image: Facebook)
09:48 GMT

Mohammad Abdo feels lucky to have a newborn son; little does baby Khaled know how lucky he is to have the legendary singer as his Daddy!

Najwa Karam has drawn a line between her and Tony
09:18 GMT

Sassy songstress Najwa Karam knows where to draw the line. She won’t take disrespect from anyone, not even from a 20-year relationship with the head of her band, Tony Anqah.

Jamiroquai gettin' cray-cray in Italy. What will he be sportin' in Dubai? (Photo by Andrew Hone/Getty Images )
09:00 GMT

Sandance in Dubai on November 15th will be bringin' us disco legends Chic and acid jazz crooners Jamiroquai. Time to get the party started!

Muna Zaki, Angham, and Ragea get the protest on
08:13 GMT

Chanting, waiving signs, and singing their hearts out, flocks of Egyptian artists trooped to Cairo's Tahrir Square on Tuesday to join nationwide demonstrations against President Morsi.

1, 2, 3 FREE concerts courtesy of Assaf! (Image: Facebook)
06:24 GMT

As if he hadn't stolen hearts of his homeland already, Mohammad Assaf continues the charming magic by busting out not one, but THREE FREE concerts!

July 2, 2013

Hammaki teams up with Imam!
10:51 GMT

From bad boy singer to snapshot actor, Mohammad Hammaki has made his way into Adel Imam’s Ramadan drama ‘Al Araf’ (The Fortune Teller).