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January 20, 2013

Like other Disney stars visiting the UAE, it is Mitchel Musso's turn this time around.
13:26 GMT

The magic is heading to Dubai in the form of Disney heartthrob Mitchel Musso.

Kathem al-Saher.
13:11 GMT

Reclusive Iraqi singer Kazem al-Saher’s decision to join the judges panel on “The Voice” has split the opinion of his fans, with some saying it’s below him.

Renowned Egyptian actor, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, isn't dead, according to his wife, journalist Lucy Shalabi
13:10 GMT

Journalist Lucy Shalabi has denied rumours that her husband, renowned Egyptian actor, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, is dead.

Al Tantawi’s hazy images convey the feeling of the veil itself by evoking the characteristics of the fabric
13:08 GMT

The Egyptian photojournalist finds that there is more in common between Islam and other cultures than the world would have us believe

One Republic are set to play at Dubai's Jazz Festival this February
12:57 GMT

The international Dubai Jazz Festival will take place on 14-22 February, featuring A-List musicians including OneRepublic and Deep Purple.

Asala Nasri
12:41 GMT

The Syrian singer says the gossip isn't true and she's getting on with marrying of her daughter, Sham.

Saba Mubarak
12:01 GMT

The Jordanian actress takes a short break from filming to do a bit of much-needed self promotion.

Khaled Hefez (Egypt), The A77A Project: on Presidents & Superheroes (still from video), 2009
09:33 GMT

In 2014, over 40 contemporary Arab artists will showcase work addressing aesthetic and societal questions about modern Arab culture at a major photography and visual art festival in Texas.

'Innocence, O Messenger of God' is currently being filmed in Amman
08:02 GMT

Fifty Arab artists have joined together to produce TV operetta 'Innocence, O Messenger of God'.

Chris Tucker is performing two stand-up shows in Abu Dhabi next month.
06:23 GMT

American comedian, Chris Tucker, will perform two stand-up shows in Abu Dhabi next month.

January 19, 2013

Rasha Sharbatji has announced her engagement to fellow Syrian, Tammam Nijm Ad Din.
21:46 GMT

Syrian movie director Rasha Sharbatji has announced she has got engaged to fellow compatriot Tammam Nijm Ad Din.

Egyptian singer Sherine Abdul Wahab had emergency surgery after suffering sever jaw pain
21:26 GMT

Egyptian singer Sherine Abdul Wahab has undergone emergency surgery on her jaw after suffering severe pain.

Syrian superstar  Mayadah Al Hinawi is back in the limelight with her new video filmed in Lebanon
21:16 GMT

Syrian superstar Mayadah Al Hinawi has just finished filming the new music video for her single “Kurdistan”, marking her return to the limelight.

Kim Kardashian unfurls her luxury for Arabian luxury mag, Hia.
15:19 GMT

When America's most famous reality product does Arabian-style she still manages to give it her own flashy touch. Never prudish enough for the Middle East, the star couldn't help keep some cleavage uncovered for her Arab women's weekly pose.

January 18, 2013

Shatha, the new 'Beauty'?
11:10 GMT

Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun and USE singer Ahlam are being described as the new Beaty and the Beast after wedding for the Qatari royal family.