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February 24, 2013

'Harlem Shake' at the Giza Pyramids
07:37 GMT

Hundreds of Egyptians - and one camel - might have encountered resistance from police as they tried to film their own version of the 'Harlem Shake' but it seems netizens are more on board with the pelvic-thrusting fest.

Ciara hanging with her fans in Dubai (Photo: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

The multi-platinum selling American songstress Ciara may have had a blast thrilling fans at Dubai nightspot People By Crystal on Thursday night but Friday was all about her.

February 23, 2013

The judges (from left: Carole, Wael, Elissa, Hussein) steal the show.
10:11 GMT

No big surprises in the auditions so far but the judges stole the show in the first episode of the new season of X Factor Arabia.

Mohammad Abdo
06:00 GMT

The legendary Saudi crooner gives his backing to the talent show judge and his contestants.

South Korean superstar, Psy.
05:00 GMT

The South Korean superstar's visit is in doubt after he tweets a denial about the rumors.

Hesham Selim
05:00 GMT

The Egyptian megastar makes his comeback on Sky New Arabia with a TV show set to rock the Arab world.

February 22, 2013

Haifa Wehbe
06:00 GMT

The Lebanese lovely gets a shock when her security guards arrest three men caught roaming around her pad.

Rasha Sharbatji
05:00 GMT

The Syrian director keeps it in the industry, marrying fellow movie biz actor, Tamam Nijm Al-Din.

February 21, 2013

Ibn El-Farid’s mosque, Abdel-Rahman Sherief
13:31 GMT

A look back at the life of the legendary poet.

The International Fine Arts Symposium in Sharm El-Sheikh (26 February-4 March) features discussions and workshops as well as exhibitions (Photo: Ahram Arabic)
12:53 GMT

The International Fine Arts Symposium in Sharm El-Sheikh (26 February-4 March) features discussions and workshops as well as exhibitions.

The Harlem Shake in a university in New York
12:38 GMT

The “Harlem Shake” is the latest YouTube fad to go viral worldwide, with several remakes of the comical video being made in the Arab world, the latest of which will be in Dubai.

Outa Hamra crew perform (Photo: Outa Hamra's Facebook Page)
12:23 GMT

Outa Hamra (Red Tomato) are set to host three events in public spaces around Cairo on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Muna Zaki
09:57 GMT

Her latest role is a woman with no memory which might be for the best for poor Muna after her last performance went so badly!

Donia Samir Ghanem
09:48 GMT

The young Egyptian actress is forced to deny rumors of her own death!

Ahmed Ezz says he's ready to settle down.
08:47 GMT

Now the Egyptian heartthrob is ready for family life, all he needs is a woman to settle down with.