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October 14, 2012

Yusra Muhammad.
12:59 GMT

The TV presenter has faced an Islamist backlash against her show Fi al-Sameem (Straight to the Heart) and is now facing a lawsuit.

Richard Gere at the Abu Dhabi FIlm Festival (Photo: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News)
12:33 GMT

Movie star Richard Gere played his part perfectly at the opening night gala of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012.

Directors from over 30 countries had their films featured in the Beirut International Film Festival (Picture: BIFF)
09:14 GMT

Iraqi film 'Bicycle' won the Gold Aleph Award as the Best Middle-Eastern Short Film at the 12th Beirut International Film Festival (BIFF) on Thursday.

Caroline Antar's photograph in Nabaa
09:01 GMT

80 youths aged 14-18 from seven countries have been given the opportunity to be trained and have their work displayed at the Dar al-Mussawir space in Hamra.

Rima Maktabi has returned to Al Arabiya
08:49 GMT

After a two year stint hosting CNN's monthly program, Inside the Middle East, the TV journalist has returned to Al Arabiya

Jarecki, Director of the film 'Arbitage,' stands with US actor Richard Gere at the opening ceremony of the ADFF
06:54 GMT

The Abu Dhabi Film Festival opened for its sixth season on Thursday evening and this year it looks set to push the boundaries of Arab cinema even further.

October 13, 2012

Amr Diab shared photos of his birthday party on Twitter
18:44 GMT

Egyptian superstar Amr Diab made his private 51st birthday party a public celebration by inviting Twitter and Facebook fans to sneak a peak at pictures of the big day.

Nancy Ajram
18:27 GMT

The Lebanese lovely gets pipped to the post by so-called 'King of Romance', Wael Kfoury.

Fifi Abdou is back on the big screen
12:47 GMT

Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdou is back on the big screen.

October 12, 2012

Umm Kulthum
17:25 GMT

Director of a new biopic of the legendary Egyptian singer says his top pick is Hind Sabri, from Tunisia.

Ghada played a starring role in 'Ma Sibq Al Israr' (With Prior Insistency)
11:06 GMT

After weeks of offscreen drama between lawyers and the cast and crew of popular legal show 'Ma Sibq Al Israr' (With Prior Insistency), the dispute is set to hit a real-life courtroom

Amal Maher
10:25 GMT

The Egyptian singer can't even wait until a whole song has been finished before sending out clips to fans on her Facebook page.

October 11, 2012

The documentary "Jews of Egypt" has caused uproar in the North African country
14:40 GMT

An Egyptian documentary screened at a film festival in Cairo has caused uproar after it was claimed that it normalizes ties with Israel, despite claims to the contrary by the films director.

Ghada Adel
14:08 GMT

Two Egyptian actors unite for Ahmad Hilmi's latest still-to-be-named film. Ghada Adel is Hilmi's choice lead lady once again as the two have starred jointly three times in the past.

Karam back to gull health after suspected heart attack and shows everyone he's better than ever
11:51 GMT

The Lebanese superstar Fares Karam has stunned fans with a vibrant and exciting performance at the Atlantis Hotel in Al Nakhla, proving to everyone that he is back to full health after being hospitalized.