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January 24, 2013

Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alama will be sharing more than text messages soon! (photo courtesy of blogmox)
10:56 GMT

Lebanese singers Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alama will join forces in a new duet. Stay tuned!

The Narcicyst is heading back to Dubai
10:48 GMT

The Narcicyst is back in Dubai performing at tonight's Tiger Translate party.

Hanan Turk retired from acting to pursue her spirituality which no doubt contributed to her concern for the Gazan victims of war.
10:07 GMT

Retired Egyptian actress Hannan Turk has paid a special visit to Gaza with Islamic aid delegates.

Zac Efron is heading to Abu Dhabi to film 'Arabian Nights' in October (Photo: Zac Efron / Facebook)
08:36 GMT

The Dhs400 million shoot for ‘Arabian Nights’ has been delayed until the autumn to avoid the gruelling UAE summer heat.

Never slander Amal Hijazi unless you're ready for a fight!
08:27 GMT

Someone tried to blacken Amal Hiajzi's name and now she is seeking justice in the form of a lawsuit.

1/2 Revolution will be screened at Cairo's Makan Culture Centre tonight
06:46 GMT

Award-winning documentary, 1/2 Revolution, is set to be screened on Thursday at Cairo's downtown cultural venue, Makan.

January 23, 2013

Yara wants her music to start making headlines again
13:05 GMT

The scandalous sex-pot is trying to turn over a new leaf by working hard to get her career back in the limelight, instead of her personal life.

Nelly Karim is set to star in a biopic about legendary belly dancer and actress Samia Gamal.
12:14 GMT

Egyptian actress Nelly Karim is set to star in a biopic about legendary belly dancer and actress Samia Gamal.

Maksim Khalil: Not while there's a war on.
10:47 GMT

Syrian actor Maksim Khalil won’t make a return to the small screen after all.

Ahlam's sparkly dress conceals her extreme weight loss.
10:28 GMT

The Arab Idol judge has been crash dieting after giving birth for the new season of the hit talent show.

Egypt's Ministry of Culture is looking for the best feature and documentary about the January 25 Revolution (Photo: Liberty For Egypt Blogspot)
09:42 GMT

Egypt's Ministry of Culture has announced a new competition for the best feature and documentary about the January 25 Revolution.

Shakira has named her new-born son Milan (Photo: Facebook)
09:25 GMT

Loved in the Mideast for her Arabic songs and Lebanese roots, Shakira's Arab fans are over the moon to hear the starlet is in 'excellent health' after the birth of her new baby boy.

Hollaphonic are releasing their first single, 'I Don't Want it to End,' in February (Photo: Hollaphonic / Facebook)
08:03 GMT

EMI Music Arabia’s first signing in the electronic dance music arena, Hollaphonic, are set to release their first single early next month.

Books are expected to fly off the shelves at the 44th Cairo Book Fair this month
07:18 GMT

The Arab world's oldest and largest book fair is back this January!

January 25 Revolution: Over two million protesters gathered in Tahrir Square (Photo:
06:40 GMT

Nile TV gets ready to remember revolution this January as it airs its first documentary series, 'Aish, Horeyya' (Bread, Freedom)