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November 28, 2012

Cairo International Film Festival.
09:42 GMT

Egyptian film In Search of Sand and Oil withdraws its participation from the Cairo International Film Festival to protest the security forces' brutality against protesters in Tahrir Square.

Indian film director, Madhur Bhandarkar.
08:19 GMT

One of Bollywood’s leading directors, Madhur Bhandarkar, is to appear on the judges panel for the Cairo Film Festival.

Maisa and J.Lo are rumored to be in business talks
08:14 GMT

Divas did business over dinner this week when actress Maisa Moghrabi met international superstar Jennifer Lopez at the prestigious Cayalli restaurant.

Sherihan took to Twitter to thank the teenager for saving her life
07:27 GMT

Egyptian actress, Sherihan, had a brush with death at one of the protests in Cairo's infamous Tahrir Square this week. But thanks to the brave actions of a 13-year-old boy she lived to tell the tale.

December 28 will be a Pink Friday in the UAE: Nicki Minaj is set to give her debut Dubai performance
06:15 GMT

The influential female rapper will bring all her “Va Va Voom” to the stage at Meydan Racecourse for her debut performance in the UAE.

November 27, 2012

Cairo International Film Festival.
10:10 GMT

The Cairo International Film Festival has moved its opening night to tomorrow in light of today's demonstrations.

Syrian director. Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid.
09:03 GMT

Prior to its launch on Tuesday 27 November, Cairo Film Festival has disqualified the Syrian film 'Al Asheq' from its Human Rights category competition.

Adel Imam reportedly said he doesn't own a Twitter or Facebook account
08:46 GMT

Egyptian king of comedy Adel Imam has reportedly hit out at online fraudsters who have used fake Facebook and Twitter accounts to attack Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in the star's name.

Rola Saed
08:45 GMT

BFFs Rola and Sabah get together for the younger lady's latest music video cover song.

Abdullah Ruwaished wants Elissa to try her hand at khaliji music
08:18 GMT

While many stars across the Arab world have tried their hand at khaliji (Gulf region) music, much to the disappointment of Kuwaiti singer Abdullah Ruwaished, Lebanese superstars Elissa and Najwa Karam are yet to jump on the bandwagon.

Najwa Karam
06:51 GMT

The flawless Lebanese diva is putting her money where her mouth is, splashing out on her new charity project to bring a smile to kids' faces.

06:22 GMT

No stranger to controversy, the Lebanese singing star has outdone herself this time.

Amr Diab
06:02 GMT

The Egyptian superstar releases two surprise songs on his official YouTube channel.

Zoo Project in Ibiza
05:04 GMT

Known for its wild parties, Zoo Project is migrating to the Middle East for its new home in the glitzy emirate.

November 26, 2012

Emeric Lhuisset: Theatre of War.
13:03 GMT

Lebanon's 'Theater of War' follows a group of Iranian Kurdish fighters at a secret training camp in the mountains of Iraq.