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December 20, 2012

Egyptian artist Marwa Ardel uses her work to explore contemporary feminism
13:55 GMT

The Egyptian artist's latest exhibition, 'The Journey,' tackles stereotypes of femininity head on.

Saudi Gangnam style! Parody of the most watched YouTube video was the most popular upload in the MENA region in 2012
13:49 GMT

A Saudi ‘Gangnam Style’ parody is among the most popular YouTube videos this year in the MENA region.

Kanye West is set to return to Abu Dhabi after a three-year absence
13:41 GMT

The rapper's return to the UAE capital after three years looks set to be legendary.

German DJ H.O.S.H  is gearing up for his Dubai debut
13:36 GMT

The producer and DJ is all set to perform at Dubai's N’dulge tonight.

Jamal Marwan
12:02 GMT

The Egyptian businessman airs his own divorce court verdict via an advert on his TV station.

Tell me everything you know: Latifa
09:37 GMT

The Tunisian songstress swaps singing for TV hosting, signing up to present MBC's new show.

May Salim
09:24 GMT

The Jordanian singer and actress announces the split from her husband, just two years after their wedding.

Ahlam back to her feisty best
08:59 GMT

They might be working together on the latest season of Arab Idol but that doesn't mean Ahlam is going to do Nancy any favors.

Elissa gets festive for her Facebook fans
08:46 GMT

The sultry Lebanese singer is hoping to wind up her year with a bang in the glitzy emirate.

DJ Sparky is giving away his plasma TV live on air tonight
06:35 GMT

DJ Sparky has taken prepping for the official 'end of the world' a little further than most, as he gets set to give away his 'most prized possession' live on air tonight.

December 19, 2012

Maouchouma a moroccan movie that has caused a stir among Morrocan cinema fans.
12:36 GMT

The nude scenes in Lahcen Zinoun’s film Maouchouma (Tattooed) have caused a stir among Moroccan movie fans.

Cairo Opera House main hall
12:00 GMT

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without 'The Nutcracker' ballet and this December the Cairo Opera Ballet Company will perform the classic for four nights only.

Ahmed El Sakka pre-nasal-work
10:52 GMT

The Egyptian action star injures a rather unusual part of his body, requiring immediate surgery.

A budget of $1 billion has been planned for a movie series on the life of Prophet Mohammed by a Qatar-based firm.
10:25 GMT

Word has it that a movie series on the life of Prophet Mohammed with a budget of $1 billion has been planned by a Qatar-based firm.

Kinda Alloush
09:51 GMT

The outspoken Syrian actress, says she's no fan of Bashar al-Assad but that shouldn't stop others supporting him.