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March 23, 2013

Sherine could be facing a lawsuit for failing to turn up to her own gig.
05:00 GMT

The erratic Egyptian star sloped off to fellow judge, Hassan's, wedding rather than play her gig in the U.S.

March 22, 2013

Art Dubai promises to be a glitzy affair.
07:00 GMT

Art Dubai has opened its doors with more than just a lick of paint and a few brushes.

Assi Helani was a cheeky hit on 'The Voice' talent show.
05:00 GMT

Making room for a younger generation, the 'Voice' judge helps his daughter get her first concert in Beirut.

March 21, 2013

Ezzat Abu Ouf
14:18 GMT

Actor Ezzat Abu Ouf recovers his health to take an award, after a medical scare had fans worried for a moment.

Shiri Appleby poses for a full frontal in the bathroom
13:09 GMT

The Jewish actress is yet to comment on the full frontal pic, which surfaced after her topless appearance in Girls.

Milhim Barakat
11:59 GMT

Lebanese singer/composer Milhim Barakat's been on the war path again, laying in to the good and great of Arab music.

Dolly Shaheen
11:05 GMT

The Lebanese lovely put out a track in honor of her mom on Arab Mothers' Day.

Syrian starlet, Asala Nasri, could be set to make the ultimate Mother's sacrifice by packing in her glamorous career to look after her kids.
11:04 GMT

Syrian starlet, Asala Nasri, could be set to make the ultimate Mother's sacrifice by packing in her glamorous career to look after her kids.

Known as Raghda in the Arab World, the 55-year-old actress angered some attendees at the Arab Poetry Conference. (Image courtesy:
10:26 GMT

The Syria starlet was reportedly attacked on Wednesday for explicitly supporting President Bashar al-Assad and reciting poetry criticizing Islamists in the region.

Fares Karam is preparing to launch his new album
09:58 GMT

Lebanon's favorite musical export, Fares Karam, is to launch his new album to coincide with the start of spring and Mother's Day.

Yara tells all about that delayed album release.
09:39 GMT

The Lebanese songstress has delayed her album for months but says she's still in the game.

The buses are decorated with specially commissioned work by locally-based young artists. (Image courtesy ArtintheCity)
08:23 GMT

Art lovers in Dubai can take part this week in an ArtBus gallery tour, where they can board coaches for three very different routes featuring an array of exhibition spaces.

Andrea Bocelli will perform in Abu Dhabi on March 22
07:15 GMT

A church choir in the UAE is set to share a stage with legendary Italian singer Andrea Bocelli at his concert on Friday.

Jinn mAster: Sohaib Awan, creator of Jinnrise, says his comic series combines Middle Eastern mythological stories with western fantasies.
05:19 GMT

Jinnrise, an English comic book series, uses Middle Eastern mythology and western fantasies to target a global audience.

March 20, 2013

Laura Abu Assad will star in Friendly Borders
12:07 GMT

The series was originally titled Friendly Fire but the title was scrapped and changed to Friendly Borders by the director.