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October 16, 2012

'Silk Thread will be performed at Zico House on Friday and Saturday
07:11 GMT

Artists have sprung from the Arab revolution and now they have been given a stage in Beirut in the six-day event 'Minassa: platform for today's Arab theatre'.

October 15, 2012

Eyes on Freedom... Streets of Death.
14:31 GMT

The prestigious Silver Aleph Special Jury Prize award went to the Egyptian 50-minute documentary Eyes on Freedom... Streets of Death.

Will peace become war? Now the blind auditions are over the celeb coaches get ready for battle
13:53 GMT

As competition on The Voice heats up, we take a look at how the coaches fared in the blind auditions before the gloves come off in this weekend's sing-offs.

13:11 GMT

Unpredictable art: two artists who had only met once, an audience asked to get involved and a piece of work combining paint and poetry.

Abu Dhabi Film Festival.
10:49 GMT

Around 15 ladies have been weaving for their country over the past few months in order to produce a collection of Emirati heritage-inspired bags for the celebrity gift lounge at the sixth edition of the festival.

Ahmad Al Sakka gets set for Hajj
10:12 GMT

It's that time of year again - stars across the Arab world are getting ready to take a break from their glamorous lifestyles and wave adieu to their legions of fans as they gear up for the religious pilgrimage of Hajj.

Ola Ghanem and Ghada Abdel Raziq
08:45 GMT

The two Egyptian divas fight it out in a war of words over who's the stylistic copycat and who's the original.

Syrian artist Bassem al-Sayer portrays the influence of ancient civilizations in contemporary art pieces.
08:30 GMT

The Syrian artist uses his contemporary work to show the influence of ancient civilizations.

Ragheb Alama
08:24 GMT

The Arab Idol judge says he is sick of the rumors about his stockpile of millions and wants journalists to get back to their day jobs.

Maya Diab does the Angelina Jolie Oscar evening dress
06:00 GMT

Arab stars go all out to get that Jolie red carpet look. Maya Diab is snapped trying on 'that' Angelina Jolie scandalous Oscar-remembered dress at Abu Dhabi's star-studded film festival.

October 14, 2012

American rock band The Fray make their first trip to the Middle East
13:41 GMT

American rock group 'The Fray' deliver an 'incredible' performance on their first trip to the Middle East.

Ali Al Jabri at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012 on Friday (Image: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News)
13:20 GMT

Ali al Jabri is heading Abu Dhabi's film festival this year and the actor/director is determined to use his role to inspire Emirati youth.

Yusra Muhammad.
12:59 GMT

The TV presenter has faced an Islamist backlash against her show Fi al-Sameem (Straight to the Heart) and is now facing a lawsuit.

Richard Gere at the Abu Dhabi FIlm Festival (Photo: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News)
12:33 GMT

Movie star Richard Gere played his part perfectly at the opening night gala of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012.

Directors from over 30 countries had their films featured in the Beirut International Film Festival (Picture: BIFF)
09:14 GMT

Iraqi film 'Bicycle' won the Gold Aleph Award as the Best Middle-Eastern Short Film at the 12th Beirut International Film Festival (BIFF) on Thursday.