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July 4, 2012

Saber el Rebai will not be labelled a Zionist by anyone, especially a newspaper
09:40 GMT

Tunisian singer Saber Al Rebai has decided to file a lawsuit against the Tunisian newspaper “Al Sour”, accusing it of of saying he had purposely displayed the Israeli flag in his latest music video “Ya Asal” (Honey).

Mina Fadali
06:52 GMT

The Egyptian actress was mugged and beaten by an armed gang but now there are rumors she was sexually assaulted at the same time.

July 3, 2012

Salma al Masri returns to her traditional roots
13:26 GMT

Syrian actress Salma Al Masri ’s return to traditional characters after more than a ten year absence will be in “Mukhtar Haritna” (Head of the Neighborhood) , a traditional Syrian drama about the old days of Damascus.

Abdul Mannan Al Awar. Image source: Facebook
12:25 GMT

His influences are Slash and Eddie Van Halen and now Abdul is shaking up the Arab music scene.

Jessica Kahawaty
11:28 GMT

Playing Beethoven with a broken hand, Jessica Kahawaty was crowned winner.

Amer denies going back on her word, 'I still support Shafiq'
11:09 GMT

Egyptian actress Wafaa Amer denied the recent circulating rumor that claims she sent a letter to the new Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi to congratulate him on his appointment.

Wael Kfoury
08:25 GMT

The self proclaimed 'King of Romance' clearly hasn't wooed the ladies of Tunisia: his concert is cancelled due to lack of sales.

07:07 GMT

The Lebanese singer is rumored to have given birth to Egyptian businessman, Gamal Marwan's child.

July 2, 2012

Happy couple Maxim Khalil and Cyrine Abdelnour
13:18 GMT

Rumors of jealousy are haunting celeb acting couple Maxim Khalil and wife Sawsan Irshaid. But Khalil is denying that his wife is jealous of his film-set colleague Cyrine.

Najwa Karam turned Lady in Red
11:18 GMT

Najwa Karam was decked out in a stunning red dress and a stunning sharp tongue on Friday's finale of Arabs Got Talent, Season 2.

Haifa and Elissa get catty
10:50 GMT

The two biggest stars of Lebanon get petty on social networking sites.

Sulafa Mimar with her lighter color locks
07:05 GMT

The famously blonde Syrian actress dies it dark for her most recent role.

July 1, 2012

Saed Al Sughayer was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at one of the hospitals in Cairo
12:04 GMT

Egyptian folk singer Saed Al Sughayer was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at one of the hospitals in Cairo after being given the wrong medication.

Shene Aziz Ako - Miss Kurdistan 2012
11:15 GMT

Even though the makers and jury of the first ever Kurdistan beauty queen contest were Lebanese celebs and a Lebanese plastic surgeon, there were no bikini clad beauties in sight. First for Arbil, Miss Kurdistan and other local talents' beauty was displayed in more conservative garb.

Pitbull on stage during his Dubai concert.
09:56 GMT

When Pitbull came to play Dubai, he was confident enough ("I know you want me") to know his fans wouldn't mind sweating in the pit for him.