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December 3, 2012

Elham Shahin
11:01 GMT

The Egyptian actress is once again at loggerheads with the religious conservatives in her country.

Ahmed Helmy
09:29 GMT

There was no time for funny business as Ahmed Helmy got busy acting on the streets of Cairo.

Singer songwriter Aiza Seguerra returns to Dubai for the Seasons of Love concert
09:11 GMT

The singer songwriter returns to the UAE for the Seasons of Love concert on Wednesday.

Salman Khan back in action (Photo: Gulf News)
08:20 GMT

The Bollywood superstar, who made his stage comeback after seven years in Dubai, displayed no sign of rusty dancing skills on Sunday night.

Shekhar Suman
07:26 GMT

The cast and crew of upcoming Bollywood movie 'Heartless' have been filming in Dubai.

Kim Kardashian has hit the region to introduce Bahrain and Kuwait to her 'Millions of Milkshakes'
06:50 GMT

Kim Kardashian has reportedly begun planning her wedding to Kanye West and is taking inspiration from the nuptials of Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Has Youssef's 'El-Bernameg' been axed from CBC? (Photo courtesy of Facebook)
06:12 GMT

Since being moved to CBC, El-Bernameg has caused controversy on the airwaves. Now it looks like it might have been given the axe.

December 2, 2012

Saber's team of three
16:52 GMT

With the semi-finals just round the corner, there was more pressure on contestants of MBC’s The Voice than ever before this weekend, as they battled it out for the final two places on their coaches teams.

The Syrian artist says his works are a way of voicing his pain
13:14 GMT

Syrian artist Tammam Azzam’s latest exhibition deals with the political and social upheavals in Syria that led to the uprising and the subsequent destruction and violence in the country.

Nujoom Al Ganem - an award winning film director
11:54 GMT

Experts in different fields pick their top Emiratis all set to make it big.

Scene from 'Winter of Discontent' (El-Sheta Ele Fat)
10:08 GMT

When 'Winter of Discontent' (El-Sheta Ele Fat) screened at Cairo International Film Festival, the cast and crew were nowhere to be seen.

Cairo International Film Festival 2012 Opening Ceremony
09:57 GMT

Running from 29 November to 6 December, the first post-January 25 Revolution edition of the Cairo International Film Festival is dedicated to a revolutionary Egypt.

Producers of “Bab al-Hara” (The Neighborhood’s Door) are looking for shooting locations outside Syria (Photo: Bab al-Hara)
09:46 GMT

Producers of popular Syrian TV show 'Bab al-Hara' (The Neighborhood’s Door), are reportedly scoping out filming locations in Dubai because of security concerns in Syria.

Maya Diab has shocked fans with her filthy humor
08:42 GMT

Maya Diab has shocked fans with her filthy humor.

Sami Yusuf
08:38 GMT

The British-Muslim singer-songwriter is hoping for another huge hit in the Arab world with new album, 'Salaam' (Peace.)