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February 5, 2013

Vogue Italia are holding a briefing on the launch of ' the Vogue fashion Experience'
13:17 GMT

The Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience will take place for the first time later this year.

Haifa has given her long locks the chop
11:23 GMT

Famed for her long locks, Lebanese starlet Haifa Wehbe shocked fans this week by chopping her mop.

Elissa struts her stuff on-screen.
10:51 GMT

The sultry Lebanese star has her video banned from television stations for being "too sexy".

Ahmad Makki is creaming it in this February
09:31 GMT

It might only be February but Ahmad Makki is already creaming it in this year with a number of lucrative roles.

Mohamed Mounir single but not yet ready to mingle.
09:27 GMT

The legendary Egyptian singer was rumored to be taking a mystery woman down the aisle but the story isn't true, he says.

'Last of the Dictionary Men' is currently showing at London's Mosaic Rooms (Photo: Mosaic Rooms)
07:11 GMT

Multimedia exhibition, 'Last of the Dictionary Men', will run in London's Mosaic Rooms in February and March, telling the story of a century-old settlement of Yemeni sailors in Britain's South Shields.

Lindsay Lohan has teased her Twitter followers that a trip to Dubai might be on the cards soon (Photo: Facebook)
06:00 GMT

Lindsay Lohan has teased her Twitter followers that a trip to Dubai might be on the cards soon.

February 4, 2013

'Three Quarter Moon' will be screened in Dubai this February
12:58 GMT

Germany's celebrated feature film 'Three Quarter Moon' is set to be screened at Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre this February.

Arabs Got Talent host and rapper "Qusai Kheder"
09:52 GMT

The Jeddah Hip Hop Jam, organized by the German Consulate General in cooperation with Universal Legends Entertainment, brought a"mind-blowing" mix of German and Saudi rappers together on Wednesday night.

Szymon Klima on clarinet, Joachin Mencel on piano and Adam Kowalewski on contrabass
09:31 GMT

In commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of Witold Lutoslawski's birth, Polish musicians will perform a selection of his works at the Cairo Opera House on Wednesday.

Tahrir Monologues from their Facebook page.
09:11 GMT

After putting on dozens of performances over the past two years, Tahrir Monologues showcase a professionally filmed version of their live show.

From ancient pyramids to catwalk style (picture courtesy of Pages Digital)
09:00 GMT

Introducing Gozoor, a newly-established Egyptian company that explores Egyptian culture and identity through clothes and fashion.

Shravani Mangu, Sharon Richu Shaji, Pooja Anil and Reshma Girish perform during a three-hour concert, presenting seven items from their repertoire.
08:20 GMT

Four Dubai girls, who have been training in Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form, presented their arangetram (debut performance) on Friday at JSS Private School.

Tony Ward and Mireille Daghers' designs hit the Italian cat walk
08:03 GMT

Lebanese designers presented their spring couture collections in Rome last week, showcasing experimentations with fabric and highlighted necklines with embellished collars and cap sleeves.

Launch of the catwalk at Dubai Mall.
07:20 GMT

The First Lady of Italian fashion is in the region and she means business.