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December 11, 2014

Diana Haddad and her fans pensively wait for her album release on December 17th. (Image: Facebook)
10:56 GMT

The Lebanese singer has a holiday gift for her fans - an “Ya Bashar” (Oh People) album release one week before Christmas!

Check out the celebrity lovebirds Maksim Khalil and Sawsan Arsheed on their 10th anniversary. (Image: Facebook)
10:28 GMT

“You have gotten a ten out of ten in our first ten years of marriage," Maksim the romantic wrote to his wife on their anniversary.

Egyptian stars Nadia Lufti and Ahmed Helmy care about each other.
10:01 GMT

After showing constant concern while her co-patriot artist was in the US for surgery, Egyptian actress Nadia Lufti was the first star that Ahmed Helmy rang when he returned to home soil.

Forget your worries and focus on love with Lara Scandar's online digital concert this Sunday. (Image: Facebook)
09:57 GMT

In the spirit of Christmas and giving back, Lara Scandar is giving the Middle East their first ever online digital concert this December 14.

The Arab Idol 2014 finalists Saudi Majid Al Madani, 26, Palestinian Haitahm Khalailah, 24, and Syrian Hazem Sharif, 21. (Image: Facebook)
09:12 GMT

As things hot up on stage this Saturday night, who will be crowned the Arab Idol 3 winner?

Egyptian filmmakers Mervat Amin and Noor El Sherif were in attendance at DIFF's opening night. (Image: Facebook)
08:55 GMT

Emily Blunt opened the star-studded night that drew in celebrities from around the region and globe, as well as the less fabulous in fashion, nerdy cinephiles.

December 10, 2014

Abdel Minem Amayri posing with his wife.
14:30 GMT

Syrian fashion designer Manal Ajaj was embarrassed after her invited guest, Abdel Minem Amayri, was not allowed to enter Germany for the show she wanted him to direct.

Prince William and Kate Middleton lay flowers at 911 Memorial in New York City. (Image:
13:55 GMT

Prince William and Kate Middleton made an appearance at the New York City memorial of that fateful September 11 event.

Could Hend Sabry be pregnant with her third baby? (Image:
13:36 GMT

The Tunisian actress appears to be baking a little bun in the oven for the third time.

Sarah Jessica Parker flashing her pearly whites with the Clé Dubai cook. (Image: Facebook)
13:08 GMT

We wonder if the Sex and the City star sipped on a Cosmopolitan while hitting up Clé Dubai earlier this week.

Jamal's career has certainly not been affected by the Syrian Actors Syndicate's decision to expel him. (Image: Facebook)
12:35 GMT

Syrian actor Jamal Suliman's political views have landed him in hot water with the Syrian Actors Syndicate!

Kadem Al Saher and other artists are ready to bring it at Sharjah World Music Festival. (Image: Facebook)
12:28 GMT

Owning the same stage as two other Arab faves, the Iraqi singer has been announced as one of three artists performing at the 2nd Sharjah World Music Festival.

Kimmy is said to be traveling to Saudi Arabia, but fans think there's more to the story than being told! (Image: Facebook)
11:50 GMT

Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian is traveling to Saudi Arabia!!! Shame, her famous booty will have to stay hidden under a thick abaya!

White Sugar” is slated for its world premiere on 14 of December at the Dubai Film Festival. (Image:
10:33 GMT

White Sugar's director Ahmed Khaled reflects on filmmaking and post-revolutionary bureaucracy on Egyptian cinema scene.

Sherine is a lively judge on The Voice; would be a shame to lose her as one! (Image: Facebook)
09:13 GMT

Rumor has it that The Voice judge Sherine Abdel Wahab won't be making a return to its season 3!