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February 28, 2013

Nancy Ajram
09:37 GMT

The Lebanese songstress clarifies those rumors about her concert in Erbil that went horribly wrong.

Ahmad Mekki: the show must go on.
07:44 GMT

The Egyptian actor says nothing will put him off filming scenes for his new movie.

Maya Diab is set to spice up Ramadan.
07:20 GMT

The Lebanese singer is headed to the hub of TV drama to prepare for a new series.

Mohamed Abla is taking part in Norway's 'Red Zone' festival (Photo: Sherif Sonbol)
06:44 GMT

Norway celebrates freedom of expression in arts and culture festival 'Red Zone' held in Oslo from 28 February to 3 March, featuring an exhibition by Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla

The Cartoon Network Zone, a new theme park, is set to open in Dubai, the UAE-based newspaper Gulf News on Wednesday.(Courtesy Cartoon Network)
05:30 GMT

The Cartoon Network Zone, a new theme park, is set to open in Dubai, the UAE-based newspaper Gulf News on Wednesday.

February 27, 2013

Lebanese singer Elissa' fans don't take kindly to anyone rocking their boats.
15:21 GMT

The disputes between Lebanese singer Elissa and Lebanese TV host Tony Khalifa are going beyond the tabloids and spilling into the legal courts—Tony is suing Elissa.

Hala Sidqi reportedly stormed off the set of her new show 'Kalam Nawaim'
11:45 GMT

Things went into crisis mode on the set of hit show 'Kalam Nawaim' when Egyptian actress Hala Sidqi stormed off set in the middle of a shoot.

Surprise, intrique and overcoming the impossible await Kuwaiti actress Muna in her new drama.
11:40 GMT

Renowned Kuwaiti actress Muna Shadad has begun filming the first scenes of her new television drama “Muhal” (The Impossible) written by Wael Najm.

Hani Shaker has finally set up an official Facebook account
10:18 GMT

Other stars in the Arab celebosphere might have embraced Facebook years ago but Egyptian star Hani Shaker has been slower on the uptake.

Cyrine is set to release the video for hit song 'Hahaybi' (My Dears)
10:05 GMT

The Lebanese hottie's new music video is finally ready for TV.

Franco Dragone, theatre director.
07:38 GMT

Legendary theatre director, Franco Dragone, is all set to debut his show ‘Story of a Fort, Legacy of a Nation'.

Omar El-Moutaz with one of the characters of No Exit (Photo by Sarah Khalil)
07:29 GMT

With the help of volunteers, Teatro Independent Theatre brings the art of performance back to life.

He's back: Taboo's ready to give Dubai's VIPs a show to remember this Friday
07:07 GMT

The two DJs are ready to rock Dubai this March.

Abdel Moneim Kamel (1949-2013)
07:03 GMT

Abdel-Moneim Kamel, chairman of Cairo Opera House from 2004 until 2012, died of heart attack in Alexandria on Tuesday.

The couple shot down rumors of an upcoming wedding by revealing they are already married!
05:42 GMT

In a joint statement to US show 'Entertainment Tonight', Janet and her other-half shot down rumors of an extravagant wedding, saying they're already married!