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October 24, 2012

Craig David.
11:04 GMT

It's set to be a crazy weekend at Dubai's Crystal this weekend, as stars and party-goers celebrate Eid.

Yousra has denied rumors that she is calling quits on her career
10:45 GMT

Egyptian star Yousra has hit out at rumors that she is giving up acting.

10:17 GMT

In hopes of promoting the local film industry, Egypt's Chamber of Cinema has announced plans to temporarily halt screenings of foreign films during upcoming holidays.

Majed al Masri
10:08 GMT

The Egyptian actor turns down the chance to work with the acting beauty in favor of a project with man-of-the-moment, Tamer Hosny

Nancy Ajram and Elissa
09:41 GMT

The two Lebanese megastars pay their condolences to the families of those lost in the attack via social media.

Najwa Karam and Bassem Feghali
09:17 GMT

At a grand dinner in the Qatari capital the two divas of the Levant will compete for an audience of thousands but only one of them is a woman....

Painting by Sadiq Toma
07:23 GMT

Sadiq Toma is the artist of the hour with a color palette like no other.

October 23, 2012

Reem al Baroudi and Ragheb Alama
12:55 GMT

They are denying any wrongdoing but photos of married Ragheb and single Reem al Baroudi are causing a stir in the entertainment world.

WAC Egypt 2012.
12:34 GMT

Mina Shalabi and others have signed up to raise awareness about HIV at this short film competition.

A Land Without Jasmine.
12:25 GMT

Like the Brothers Grimm before him, Adhal looks to fantasy to criticize the reality of his country.

'Anarchy' - one of the Egyptian metal bands making a splash
10:59 GMT

Not quite the lilting tones Sherine Abdel Wahab or Amr Diab but metal rock bands are making it big in the Arab world.

Sarah Abdu Abdallah 'Untitled (3)' from the series Misfit (Photo: the Artist Alaan Artspace)
10:51 GMT

The winds of change are blowing in Saudi's conservative capital as contemporary art moves in.

Video still from the movie, 678
10:46 GMT

An Egyptian film about sexual harassment in the capital is still proving a hit at festivals across the world.

Ahlam has postponed her album for fellow star Nawal
10:36 GMT

We're used to seeing female divas in the Arab world at war but this week friendship prevailed when UAE singer Ahlam pushed back her album to let fellow star Nawal get in there first.

Amr Diab
09:03 GMT

The Egyptian megastar is attacked in the press by a former colleague who calls for others to boycott Amr in the future.