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January 7, 2013

Adel Imam
05:00 GMT

The Egyptian 'King of Comedy' says he doesn't get affected by the gossip anymore, as rumors of his death circulate for a third time this year.

January 6, 2013

Ashraf Sewailam
14:29 GMT

On Saturday 12 January, Egyptian bass-baritone and revolution activist, Ashraf Sewailam, will perform in Cairo. He promises to deliver a solo recital to home-crowd fans at the German Evangelical Church, accompanied by David Hales on piano.

Hamaki is happily married and the divorce rumors are the complete opposite of his truth.
10:23 GMT

Egyptian singer Mohammad Hamaki's denied rumors that he separated from his wife and then fled the country.

The Cairo Symphony Orchestra in full swing.
08:49 GMT

The Cairo Symphony Orchestra sets out another stellar schedule, including Beethoven and Chopin in the capital.

Bassem Youssef
08:25 GMT

The Egyptian funnyman hits back at claims he insulted the president saying he will designate his show as adult only.

Al Bustan Festival from last year.
08:11 GMT

The international music extravaganza set in Lebanon, brings the best international musicians and performers to the Middle East.

Thaer Maarouf's installation: 'Veto'
08:01 GMT

Syrian artist Thaer Maarouf has been stirring controversy with his latest exhibition.

Cairo Opera House (in miniature!)
07:53 GMT

The Egyptian Sinfonietta will be playing up a storm in Cairo's Opera House this month.

Painting by Fadi Yazigi, in From Syrian With Love
07:45 GMT

Saudi's Jeddah Athr art gallery starts its Syrian exhibition with a glimpse into the colorful history of this troubled nation.

Louise Roe retains her crown as the UK's style-Queen
05:00 GMT

From bud to petal then blossom, our fashion fairy godmother is working her wand to get the UAE a-bloom with blushing flowers- giving retiring violets their fairytale ending. Louise Roe strikes her fairy-wand at Dubai's wallflowers to turn Plain Janes into Psy's sexy ladies!

January 5, 2013

Wael Jassar needed the help of his bodyguards during his New Year's Eve concert
13:01 GMT

Wael Jassar’s New Year’s Eve concert descended in to chaos with fans being sexually harassed and the star needing his bodyguards to help him.

Sulafa Mimar.
09:08 GMT

Despite rumours the Syrian actor split from his wife out of jealousy, it seems the Levantine thespian believes hell is other people.

Layla Elwi has denied that her marriage she has left her husband and ran to Dubai for a secret divorce.
07:07 GMT

Layla Elwi has denied that her marriage she has left her husband and ran to Dubai for a secret divorce.

January 4, 2013

Yahia Al Fakharani has announced the birth of a new grandchild
15:23 GMT

Legendary Egyptian actor Yahia Al Fakharani has revealed he has become a grandfather for the third time.

Bassem Yousef.
08:07 GMT

What to expect from the two new Arabic-language channels launched this week.