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October 1, 2012

Cyrine Abdul Nour.
10:36 GMT

The actress — this week revealed as the new face of Nayomi — chats about the controversy and success of her hit show Ruby.

10:23 GMT

Dubai's newest musical sensation, Kalubela, brings feel-good vibes to the UAE as it opens its doors to classic tunes of the past.

09:58 GMT

The young cast of upcoming cinema hit, Student of the Year, are heading to Dubai for a series of mall and nightclub appearances in time for its UAE release.

Lively star Fifi Abdou says she is fed up of rumors circulating about her death
09:16 GMT

Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdou is usually the life and soul of the party but it seems that all the star can think about at the moment is death.

09:02 GMT

The wake of Egyptian superstar Ahmed Ramzy has taken place at a mosque in Cairo, in accordance with his wishes, and quells the rumors of where he would be buried as close friends pay tribute to the beloved star of the silver screen.

Rina and Romy Chibani.
08:01 GMT

They say three is the magic number, but in Lebanon over the weekend it was two, as twins Rina and Romy Chibani came first and second in Miss Lebanon 2012.

Hassan Sharif is not only an artist, but an author as well, having penned four books to date.
06:37 GMT

The Emirati artist Hassan Sharif is famed for creating art from seemingly everyday objects. From spoons to boxes, the artist re-imagines the items and brings them to life as art, and much like the French artists Marcel Duchamp, Sharif has caused shockwaves in and out of the art world.

The competition is still on: The Mr. World hopefuls will have to wait until October 13 to impress the judges
06:19 GMT

There were 23 unhappy faces in Dubai yesterday when the highly anticipated 'Mr. World International 2012 Middle East' competition was called off after some contestants failed to meet the strict entry requirements.

September 30, 2012

Majed al Mohandes's CD cover
20:20 GMT

Lawsuits and Iraqi titan clashes do not prevent Majed al Mohandes from playing his funky music, as he battles on to release his next album.

Samira Saeed is helping her son begin his move to London
06:51 GMT

Moroccan singer Samira Saeed headed to London this week to help her son with his university enrolment.

September 29, 2012

World Food Program representative, Hend Sabri, visited the Syrian refugees in the Zaatari camp
11:59 GMT

Tunisian actress Hend Sabri has swapped celebrity glamour for humanitarian action with a visit to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.

Lucy is siad to have had a stroke after watching news coverage of the violent anti-US protests
11:46 GMT

Egyptian belly dancer and actress Lucy has survived a stroke, causing the star to be partially paralysed. The incident came as the star was watching news coverage of the violent anti-US protests that rocked Cairo recently.

September 28, 2012

Sabah mocks stars for their lack of class
15:19 GMT

The Lebanese journalist and television star has revealed he visited fellow compatriot Sabah, who then mocked guests on his show for their lack of star-like quality when it comes to the 'royal carpet' stair descent.

September 27, 2012

Adham Hafez, Haraka, meeting with the artists.
12:56 GMT

The fifth edition of the revolutionary TransDance festival is shaping up to be the biggest –and most rebellious - one yet.

Ghada Abdel Razek: would you recognise this as Egypt's sexy actress?
12:34 GMT

Ghada Abdel Razek, Egypt's tall beauty, is on a mission to get to her grandparenting duties, as she waits for the arrival of her first grandchild.