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October 23, 2012

Video still from the movie, 678
10:46 GMT

An Egyptian film about sexual harassment in the capital is still proving a hit at festivals across the world.

Ahlam has postponed her album for fellow star Nawal
10:36 GMT

We're used to seeing female divas in the Arab world at war but this week friendship prevailed when UAE singer Ahlam pushed back her album to let fellow star Nawal get in there first.

Amr Diab
09:03 GMT

The Egyptian megastar is attacked in the press by a former colleague who calls for others to boycott Amr in the future.

Carole Samaha
07:20 GMT

No background music here as the Lebanese singer accompanies the biggest world festival of short films.

October 22, 2012

Mohamed Hanaa Abdel-Fattah Metwaly.
12:22 GMT

68 year old Mohamed Hanaa Abdel-Fattah Metwaly, well-known Egyptian theatre director, actor and critic, passed away on Friday morning at a hospital in downtown Cairo following a long battle with cancer.

DJ Avicii.
11:30 GMT

The 23 year old DJ gets hordes of Dubai fans to their feet, dancing to his beat.

10:59 GMT

The Egyptian capital plays host to the selection of short films, now celebrating their 12th successive year.

Nabila al-Khair says her status as a woman guides her work
09:55 GMT

The Bahraini artist uses women are the bedrock of her artwork and the color red as their supporting character.

Daniel Craig - Skyfall.
09:49 GMT

Skyfall, the 23rd movie in the series, is set to come out at the start of the Muslim celebration, this Friday.

50 Cent has been getting down to business in Dubai
09:44 GMT

50 Cent fans were in for a double treat as the rapper entrepreneur was in Dubai last week to launch his custom line of headphones and headline the Atelier Festival.

AfroLatin Festival in Cairo.
09:19 GMT

With the AfroLatin Festival in town, the Egyptian capital's jet setters get their hips swinging.

The Black Pearl for Best Film went to 'Araf / Somewhere in Between' (Photo: ADFF)
09:18 GMT

The sixth edition of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival has closed but who were the winners in this year's event?

50 cent performs at the Atelier festival in Dubai (picture courtesy of Virendra Saklani/Gulf News)
06:53 GMT

The huge line-up did not disappoint and Dubai's Atelier music festival was a huge hit with the Middle Eastern audience.

October 21, 2012

As the competition heats up, the coaches are showing a more serious side
17:40 GMT

Emotions were running high for contestants and coaches on The Voice this weekend as stage two of the competition got underway.

Palestinian artist Ayman Debadan may have only experienced a year in his hometown but it has left a permanent effect on him and in turn, his art.
13:58 GMT

Palestinian artist Ayman Debadan may have only experienced a year in his hometown but it has left a permanent imprint on him.