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September 20, 2012

Summaya al Khashab
08:44 GMT

The sexy Egyptian actress turns her talent to the world of music.

Dina the belly dancer
08:18 GMT

The controversial belly dancer threatens to sue the people behind the early death rumors that set the star's family into such a tizzy.

Mishkal, which bills itself as a youth forum, gives young artists the chance to use the theater's stage and the space to express themselves through music, plays, films, and art exhibitions.
07:54 GMT

Al-Madina Theater in Beirut showcased yesterday, September 18, the first production of Mishkal (kaleidoscope), a four-day festival of artistic works by Lebanese youth.

Bassam Saba's Al-Madar group are set to open the festivities
06:29 GMT

This September marks the arrival of the fifth edition of the Beirut Jazz Festival.

September 19, 2012

Cee-Lo Green.
12:26 GMT

More acts for the line-up of the public Formula 1 concerts on Abu Dhabi's Corniche in November, including Cee-Lo Green, Missy Elliot, Sporty Spice Girl Mel C, Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni and Lebanese singer Maya Diab. All at this year’s Yasalam concerts on the beach!

Dominique Hourani says that her recent Dubai performance marks a step up in her career
11:09 GMT

Lebanese singer Dominique Hourani's first ever Dubai performance went off with a bang as she dazzled fans at the recent “Layali Libnan” (Lebanese Nights) concert.

Qamar Khalaf
10:59 GMT

Syrian actress Qamar Khalaf is the beauty of 2012, in the eyes of the Gulf beholder. A Gulf magazine poll has voted the Syrian stunner the "Most Beautiful Woman for 2012".

Suzan Najm El Din
10:44 GMT

After producers of new drama 'Fatah min Asharq' (An Eastern Girl) found out how old the Syrian star was, they plumped for a younger model.

Kadim al-Sahir celebrates his 55th birthday on-set of The Voice
10:26 GMT

The cast and crew of MBC's hot new talent show The Voice took time out of filming the gruelling auditions to celebrate the 55th birthday of Iraqi singer Kadim al-Sahir.

Shaaban Abdel Rahim's latest song hits back at 'Innocence of Muslims'
09:16 GMT

The star has hit out at the blasphemous 'Innocence of Muslims' film with his latest single.

Khalid Abdhul Wahid is known for his 'art of contradictions' (Al Arabiya)
07:04 GMT

Emirati artist Khalid Abdhul Wahid uses his personal experiences to create 'art of contradictions'.

September 18, 2012

Princess Bee.
13:56 GMT

Princess Benedetta Paravia is torn between her two loves - songwriting and her charity work in the Occupied Territories.

Yehia Khalil.
13:22 GMT

The Egyptian ensemble will be playing the capital's Opera House this Friday.

Ghada Rajab gives her best Turkish stab at her new album
12:39 GMT

Time away from the music scene has had a big effect on the Egyptian singer who has come over all Turkish with her comeback release 'Sourty' (My Image).

Amr Diab
11:12 GMT

The Egyptian superstar was asked about the possibility of collaboration but says the rumors of a duet have no basis in reality.