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September 25, 2012

A happier time: Rania Yousif with ex-husband Karim Al Shabrawi
08:51 GMT

The high profile divorce of of feuding former-couple Rania Yousif and Kareem Al Shabrawi became even more bitter this week when it was revealed that Kareem is suing the Egyptian actress for a reported 22 million Egyptian pounds.

Fadel Shaker
06:42 GMT

The recently resigned Lebanese singer gets post from his new Islamist leader left on his Facebook page.

September 24, 2012

14:29 GMT

The scandalous author gets ready for the release of sexy spy thriller 'Beirut'.

In true comedic flair, YouTube sensation Remy Munasifi says he was first encouraged to post videos that were equally as bad as his.
13:28 GMT

The Internet hit reveals the inspirations behind his famous musical parodies about stereotypical Arabic traditions.

Ahmed Basiony (1978-2011)ز
12:42 GMT

The American University in Cairo is organizing three events to celebrate the artwork of Ahmed Basiony, martyred during the Day of Rage protests on 28 January 2011.

Aside being a painter, Abdul Qader al-Mubarak was also a teacher and a graphic designer. Photo source (Al Arabiya)
11:45 GMT

The Sudanese artist uses watercolor to recreate the colors of his homeland.

Rima Tanani says while AidSyria did not sell any paintings, this is a surprisingly positive thing.
10:38 GMT

Over the weekend AidSyria put on “We Want to Build Life” - an interactive art workshop in support of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Mubarak, the emotional center of “Kingdom of Ants.”
09:57 GMT

Palestine’s 20th-century history of settler-colonial dispossession and resistance has long provided opportunities to tell simple stories of right and wrong.

Rashed Al-Majed refuses to open a Twitter account
09:08 GMT

The Saudi singer didn't make any friends in the Twitter world this week after branding the social networking site a 'waste of time'.

Maya Diab
08:58 GMT

The Lebanese singer has shocked fans with her new look: a tattoo starting at her shoulder and running all the way to her ankle.

Nicole Scherzinger
06:46 GMT

The former Pussycat and current X Factor judge might be the best paid wedding singer of all time.

September 23, 2012

The Lebanese songstress Haifa Wehbe stole the electoral show in Amman
12:11 GMT

After a campaign to get citizens to vote in Jordan, online activists have doctored the adverts to feature the Lebanese superstar Haifa Wehbe.

Raghda Gamal’s second published work is titled, “Once Upon a Revolution,” and consists of 13 English-language poems.
10:07 GMT

The journalist and poet gives us an insight into the 2011 political uprising in Yemen with the release of her English-language collection of poems, 'Once Upon a Revolution.'

Hannan Turk puts an end to the rumors
09:44 GMT

Egyptian star Hannan Turk has hit out at rumors about her love life.

Myriam Fares
09:18 GMT

Myriam Fares tried her hand at Gulf songs recently and has not looked back since. The Lebanese songstress is now adding more Gulf dialect hits to a growing collection.