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May 28, 2012

Maya Diab
14:37 GMT

Idol worship? Maya Diab installs a tanning bed in her house to try and look like favorite star Beyoncé.

Fadl Shaker
08:00 GMT

The fiery Lebanese singer prays for God to destroy the Syrian President at a recent gig in Rabat, Morocco.

May 27, 2012

Warda the Algerian Rose
11:04 GMT

The late Algerian star commissioned a museum for her dresses before she died, according to the Algerian Media and Culture bureau.

Madonna returns to Israel. Here on a Kaballah tour around Israel, in 2004
08:27 GMT

The Middle East holds its breath as Madonna tour dates fast approach. The Queen of Pop promises to rock Arabs and Jews from the desert to the sea.

Operatic Maxim and 'centered' Hussein go through to the finals of Arabs Got Talent
05:30 GMT

The first of the semi-final rounds of Arabs Got Talent was balanced out with song, magic and an array of talents 'stretched' to the extreme. An operatic aria and a balancing act came up trumps.

May 26, 2012

Haifa Wehbe
15:48 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe ridiculed recent rumors that she was kidnapped by an armed group of men.

Muna Zaki
15:13 GMT

Egyptian actress Muna Zaki refused to justify her recent remarks made on the entertainment show “Nawarat” with host Wafa Al Kilani on the Arab satellite channel MBC stating that ‘Egypt has become Muhajaba .

Najwa on Cannes red carpet
14:41 GMT

International internet websites that specialize in the latest fashions described Lebanese singer Najwa Karam as a ‘Mermaid’ after she appeared on the red carpet of the French International Film Festival Cannes.

May 25, 2012

Laila Elwi sees to her husband before chosing Egypt's president
12:29 GMT

Egyptian actress Laila Elwi had to take care of her husband before she could attend to her country's political affairs in what are Egypt's first free and fair elections.

Hakim at polling booth
02:21 GMT

Egypt’s first historical free presidential elections has witnessed a large participation of stars all rushing to cast their votes and become a part of history.

Madeline Tabar
02:09 GMT

Lebanese actress Madeline Tabar encountered several injuries while filming the scenes of her new television drama “Arwah Mansieh” (Forgotten Souls), in which she plays the role of a woman addicted to drugs.

May 24, 2012

Ragheb on Cannes red carpet
05:35 GMT

Prominent Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama has posted on his official page on the internet social network Twitter a series of pictures of his participation in the Cannes International Film Festival.

Nancy on cover of "Good Health"
05:24 GMT

The Dar Luluh Publishing House has released the Arabic version of the Australian magazine “Good Health” that specializes in health issues.

May 23, 2012

Menna Shalabi sports her cherry slip-shoulder tattoo
06:57 GMT

Menna modelled a stunning Grecian look for the Cannes Film Festival this year, complete with cherry tattoo. She struck a pose for her part in the movie 'After the Battle'.

Sherihan wearing hijab in Tahrir Square
03:21 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Sherihan denied rumors that she is officially wearing an Islamic headdress known as a hijab.