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October 18, 2012

Playwright, Nadim Sawalha
10:04 GMT

He might be the Arab world's most famous poet but at one point he was just an Arab immigrant struggling to adapt to American life. Playwright, Nadim Sawalha thinks it's a story that will make sense to a UAE audience.

Eyad Nassar: Not just a one trick pony
10:04 GMT

Jordanian acting super star, Eyad Nassar, plays a lowly railway bookseller in the upcoming movie “Sa’ah wa Nusf" as he tries to move away from being typecast and show fans and critics alike just how versatile an actor he really is.

Farahani's monologues in “The Patience Stone” serve as a counterpoint to the chaotic action of fighting surrounding her.
09:58 GMT

'The Patience Stone,' the second feature film of Paris-based Afghan novelist and filmmaker Atiq Rahimi had its Middle East debut this week at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

Craig David
09:50 GMT

The self-proclaimed artist says he does himself well, as he talks to Gulf News about his up-coming projects.

The Sawt al Haya panel
09:39 GMT

A show dedicated to finding Egyptian talent with a panel of Moroccans and a Lebanese presenter.

Ola Ghanem
09:17 GMT

The controversial actress is not likely to be popular with Muslim audiences with the timing of her new sexy flick.

Obaid Suroor is proud to stay in touch with his Emirati roots
07:07 GMT

The Emirati artist finds inspiration in the local landscape, painting reality as he sees it.

October 17, 2012

8-bit Portrait of an Egyptian actress Suad Hosni.
12:09 GMT

The artist gives contemporary Egypt a touch of of the 8-bit era that took the west by storm.

Satha Hassoun reveals all on Twitter
11:11 GMT

The Iraqi songstress Shatha Hassoun has revealed on her official Twitter exactly what she thinks of fellow Iraqi Kazen El Saher and his performance as a judge on 'The Voice' along with new single and album details.

Ali Al Hajjar has given his son a helping hand with his new release
11:11 GMT

In a winning father-son team, rising star Ahmad Ali Hajjar has teamed up with his dad, popular Egyptian singer Ali Al Hajjar, for his new release.

Iranian actress Niki Karimi.
11:07 GMT

Acclaimed Iranian actress Niki Karimi is training her camera on Dubai. And, come March, she will direct a film about Iranians living in this region.

Elissa is heading to Bahrain to take part in the Arab Jewelry Exhibit
10:43 GMT

The star is heading to Bahrain to take part in the Arab Jewelry Exhibit.

Greek - Egyptian cultural month.
09:56 GMT

Egypt gets set to celebrate Greek short films in Cairo and Alexandria.

Tunisian star Hend Sabry is rumored to be first in line for the starring role
09:38 GMT

The filmmaker has caused a stir in the Arab world after revealing that he is looking for a non-Egyptian to play the role of legendary singer Umm Kulthom in his upcoming biopic.

Basel Khayat
09:31 GMT

The Syrian actors is quoted as being an opposition supporter but hotly denies it in an official press release.