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January 6, 2013

Louise Roe retains her crown as the UK's style-Queen
05:00 GMT

From bud to petal then blossom, our fashion fairy godmother is working her wand to get the UAE a-bloom with blushing flowers- giving retiring violets their fairytale ending. Louise Roe strikes her fairy-wand at Dubai's wallflowers to turn Plain Janes into Psy's sexy ladies!

January 5, 2013

Wael Jassar needed the help of his bodyguards during his New Year's Eve concert
13:01 GMT

Wael Jassar’s New Year’s Eve concert descended in to chaos with fans being sexually harassed and the star needing his bodyguards to help him.

Sulafa Mimar.
09:08 GMT

Despite rumours the Syrian actor split from his wife out of jealousy, it seems the Levantine thespian believes hell is other people.

Layla Elwi has denied that her marriage she has left her husband and ran to Dubai for a secret divorce.
07:07 GMT

Layla Elwi has denied that her marriage she has left her husband and ran to Dubai for a secret divorce.

January 4, 2013

Yahia Al Fakharani has announced the birth of a new grandchild
15:23 GMT

Legendary Egyptian actor Yahia Al Fakharani has revealed he has become a grandfather for the third time.

Bassem Yousef.
08:07 GMT

What to expect from the two new Arabic-language channels launched this week.

January 3, 2013

Unless the stars align and all Egyptians become of one mind, Yousra has no use for 2013.
15:45 GMT

Egyptian starlet Yousra is not hopeful that this year will be any easier for her fellow citizens.

Bassem Youssef mocks Morsi
13:42 GMT

Let the mud-slinging begin: Abu Islam Ahmed Abdallah has declared war on satirical TV host Bassem Youssef over his 'pretty' face.

Lebanese prehistory sculpture
13:31 GMT

Geneva's Rath Museum is enjoying the success of its latest exhibition: 'Fascination du Liban: 60 Siecles d’Histoire des Religions, d’Art et d’Archeologie' (Fascination of Lebanon: 60 Centuries of History on Religions, Art and Archaeology).

Ne-Yo says no more to "meat" via Twitter
13:25 GMT

The RnB star will be giving up all meat, dairy and animal products for the New Year but he has admitted he is not looking forward to the challenge.

Tayem says he won't let anybody insult his ex-wife, Dima Baya'a
11:43 GMT

Most celeb splits are shrouded in drama: public spats, hefty divorce settlements and even restraining orders are nothing new. So there is nothing more shocking than seeing a star take a mature approach to a break-up.

Looking at those high numbers, Tamer? Hosny reaches a YouTube milestone
09:59 GMT

Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosny has hot 100 million views and counting on YouTube

Dubai Shopping Festival lights are up and ready for today's extravaganza to kick off (Photo: Arshad Ali/Gulf News)
09:35 GMT

Dubai's 18th annual shopping festival kicks off today, sending the call of the mall to spenders everywhere.

Bassem Yousri is the focus of Cairo's fourth 'Archives of an Artist' seminar (Photo: Facebook)
08:27 GMT

The fourth panel discussion in the 'Archives of an Artist' series at Cairo's Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center this month will be centred around Egyptian visual artist and independent filmmaker, Bassem Yousri.

Janet Jackson poses with her man at De Grisogono Party - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival
05:00 GMT

First came news of the engagement to the Qatari catch, and now the Jackson sister is going for broke. She is gearing up to walk down the Doha-aisle with her husband-to-be, Wissam Al Mana, in his home country, in a lavish-no-expenses spared wedding ceremony.