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October 29, 2012

Dina has angered Egypt's Shiites with her controversial performance in 'Abdo Mouta'
08:31 GMT

Dina has angered Egypt's Shiites with her controversial performance in the film 'Abdo Mouta'.

Di Salata
08:22 GMT

Di Salata is a unique concept, moving the traditionally written magazine into video format for that post-revolutionary feel.

'The Voice' coach has named J.Lo as her inspiration
08:06 GMT

Normally stars in the Arab world only need look in the mirror to find their inspiration, but Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab has looked further afield, naming American pop princess Jennifer Lopez as her role model.

The 'ahwa' projects
07:53 GMT

Starting with a tiny seaside village, art collective 'Gudran' are taking over Egypt's Northern shoreline with their egalitarian art.

Ahmed al-Dahouri at the Cannes festival (photo courtesy of Gulf News)
07:39 GMT

The 14-year-old actor from the UAE was honored at the Cannes Corporate and TV Festival this year for his part in his movie, 'The Turtle'.

October 28, 2012

Enrique at the Dubai World Trade Centre on Friday night  (Photo: Virendra Saklani)
09:55 GMT

The Latino singer got hearts racing with his Dubai performance on Friday night

Ghanem al-Mir was arrested in his hotel by the Military Security Services. (Photo: liberezghanemalmir blog)
09:29 GMT

The popular Syrian film director's highly anticipated film Namocinema remains shrouded in mystery while he lobbies for the release of his sound engineer, Ghanem al-Mir, who has been taken by government forces.

Mohamed Hussen Anwar after winning 'Director of Best Film' for Undamageable (Photo: Abdul Raham)
09:08 GMT

More than 4,000 film enthusiasts attended a night filled with movies, musical performances, and live entertainment as TropFest Arabia, the Middle East version of the world’s largest short film festival, kicked off the Abu Dhabi Corniche on Friday.

08:16 GMT

Never one to bite her tongue, the UAE singing sensation, Ahlam, is back at it again telling one journalist "I wish you would die" on her Twitter page.

Rania Fareed Shawqi
07:44 GMT

The Egyptian actress says this time of year is especially difficult for her but that doesn't mean she'll take part in the movie about her dead father's life.... produced by her sister!

October 27, 2012

The artistic interpretation of one of Lebanon's favourite stars
07:00 GMT

Last week an anonymous Twitter fan posted art work of Arab superstar Haifa Wehbe, immortalising the Lebanese lovely forever.

October 25, 2012

Legendary actor Omar Sharif won't be awarded until after Eid
12:28 GMT

Omar Sharif has to wait until after Eid Al Adha to be honored by the Association of Cinema Critics.

Zen Beach by Islam Shabana. (Ahmaddin Khelesh and the Townhouse Gallery)
11:46 GMT

Egypt's latest exhibition 'IRL' (In Real Life), blurs the line between reality and the virtual world.

Amr Diab: Still a patriot, despite what others may say
10:58 GMT

Egyptian superstar Amr Diab has broken his short-lived silence to answer his critic and former colleague Ayman Bahjat Qamar, putting his firmly in his place and reaffirming is position as a lover of Egypt.

The Pirate Bay supports Mosireen’s campaign.
10:49 GMT

Mosireen’s campaign to remain open and independent through donations has hit the home page of famous file-sharing website 'The Pirate Bay'