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October 9, 2012

Image featured in the exhibition by Jonathan Rashad.
08:03 GMT

The new exhibition, 'Cairo. Open City: New Testimonies from an Ongoing Revolution' started last month in Braunschweig, Germany.

October 8, 2012

Egyptian director and screenwriter Amr Salama.
11:26 GMT

Amr Salama says his film script was rejected because its lead character is Coptic

Fetih 1453 banned in Lebanon.
11:16 GMT

Lebanon has officially banned 'Fetih 1453' after worries that it would be insulting to Orthodox Christians.

George Awde, Untitled, from the “Shifting Grounds” series, 2012, inkjet print, 61cm x 76cm, edition of 5.
11:01 GMT

There are Lebanese artists aplenty but no support for the creative types.

CirCairo 2012.
10:45 GMT

Despite police delays and permit problems, Cairo enjoys the spectacle of their international circus festival.

One of Khalil's untitled shots.
10:28 GMT

This is postmodern irony in the city of sin: a set of photos about how similar everywhere is.

Shabola is recovering in hospital after suffering chest pains as fans eagerly await a new single
09:56 GMT

Egytpian folk singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim has been rushed to hospital with chest pains as fan eagerly await his new single, which is a response to the violent anti-US protests that swept the Arab world recently.

Yousef al-Azma Square in central Damascus.
09:49 GMT

A new generation of Syrian artists emerge, despite the chaos and civil war.

Ghada speaks out over lingerie on TV
09:19 GMT

The Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Raziq has defended her comments regarding nudity in acting and has said that she wishes should could have done such scenes.

David Guetta on stage. Picture courtesy of Katy Davies.
08:58 GMT

The Middle East dance festival adds more DJs for a stellar set.

Saad Khalaf thinks of himself as a product of the 1970's
06:24 GMT

The Iraqi artist continues to be inspired by the colors of the Arab World.

October 7, 2012

Razan set to reveal all again
14:21 GMT

Lebanese television star Razan Moghrabi is set to reveal all, yet again, after an interview with Shadi Khakifa.

Nancy Arjan has been officially announced as the new judge on 'Arab Idol'
13:43 GMT

Weeks of mounting speculation are finally over for the fans of the popular show 'Arab Idol', as Lebanese singer Nancy Arjam as been confirmed as a new judge.

Egyptian minister in hot water over 'hot' remark
09:01 GMT

The Egyptian Minister for Information has landed himself in hot water after replying to a question “I wish your questions are not as hot as you are”.

Ghada and Elissa have a bust-up
08:44 GMT

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Raziq and Lebanese songstress fall out over comments regarding the tehem song to Ghada's latest drama.