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November 18, 2012

Chris Brown
05:59 GMT

After kissing and making up with on-off-on again girlfriend, Rihanna, the rap star with the dark past heads to the UAE.

November 17, 2012

Kim Kardashian causes a Twitter storm
15:28 GMT

American television reality star, Kim Kardashian sent out a pro-Israeli tweet declaring to her 17 million twitter followers that she was “praying for everyone in Israel.” What Kardashian did not expect was the fierce backlash, including death threats. Maybe the celeb with the sex-tape should stick to what she's best at?

Back and better than ever
12:56 GMT

Lebanese lovely Elissa stunned Dubai with a dress from Victoria Beckham as she attended the launch of the 'Bally' winter 2013 collection.

Jordan's Yousif Arafat  has been awarded 'Best Jordanian Musician 2012' title at a festival in his homeland
12:23 GMT

The singer Yousif Arafat has been awarded the prestigious ‘Best Jordanian Musician 2012’ award at the annual ‘Jordan Awards’ held as part of a festival of his homeland.

November 16, 2012

Haifa Wehbe becomes a grandma. Photo courtesy of Waleg
13:58 GMT

Finally, the baby has arrived that launches Haifa Wehbe's career as a grandmother. With the birth of her daughter Zainab's baby girl, our Lebanese yummy mummy is now more 'Hajeh' Haifa - a title reserved for the elder members of the Muslim community.

Nawal and Sandy causing a storm again
13:35 GMT

Egyptian singer Sandy has filed a complaint against Lebanese signer Nawal Al Zoghbi. Sandy has accused the Levantine start of banning her from performing at a charity event held in Dubai last week.

November 15, 2012

The Stone Roses.
13:31 GMT

The Manchester music legends are heading to the UAE.

Samira Saeed turned down the opportunity to be on The Voice
11:45 GMT

MBC's The Voice might be the hottest show in the Arab world at the moment but singer Samira Saeed has no regrets about turning it down.

Parkour in Cairo by David Degner.
10:58 GMT

The Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) is launching a new initiative titled PhotoCairo: More Out of Curiosity Than Conviction on 14 November.

Sandy (left) and Nawal al Zoghbi
09:34 GMT

Egyptian starlet, Sandy, has clearly riled the Lebanese singing star with her ageist comments.

Salloum Haddad surprised many by playing Abu Najeeb, a character most unlike any he has ever played before.
09:25 GMT

Syrian renowned actor Salloum Haddad defended his role as Abu Najeeb by claiming he wanted to spice things up!

Sherine Abdel Wahab and Amr Mostafa
09:06 GMT

Sherine Abdel Wahab has raised eyebrows across the region with her catty criticism of Amr Mostafa. But the Egyptian heartthrob is letting his fans do the fighting for him.

Eric Dane.
08:50 GMT

Hollywood hunk Eric Dane, aka McSteamy, has pulled out of his impending trip to Dubai.

Egyptian actress Yasmine Abdul Aziz.
08:23 GMT

The star of this week’s Arabic release, Al Anessa Mamy, doesn't let fame get to her head.

Filipino band Itchyworms are set to rock Dubai on Friday.
05:00 GMT

Filipino band Itchyworms are set to rock Dubai on Friday.