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October 11, 2011

Enas and Nelly
05:20 GMT

Egyptian controversial director Enas Al Dughaidi is waiting for Egyptian actress Nelly Kareem to give birth to her fourth child in order to begin filming the scenes of the new film “Al Samt” (Silence). The film has given rise to criticism due to the fact that it discusses the subject of adultery and rape

Adel Imam
05:03 GMT

Prominent Egyptian comedian actor Adel Imam has announced that he will be presenting a part II of his famous play “Al Za’eem” (The Leader), which was shown in different theaters in Egypt and around the Arab world in the late 1990s and kept showing for over seven years

Randa Al Buhairi
04:53 GMT

Egyptian actress Randa Al Buhairi denied circulating rumors that she intends on wearing the Islamic headdress Hijab and quit her acting career

October 10, 2011

06:49 GMT

Producer Jamal Marwan, owner of ‘Melody’ satellite channels, has filed a lawsuit against Lebanese singer Qamar accusing her of sending him SMS messages that contain profanity and insults, in addition to threatening to cause him and his family harm

Sireen Abd Al Nour
06:45 GMT

Lebanese actress Sireen Abd Al Nour revealed that she has received numerous threats and insults from an individual over the internet, and after she filed a complaint the perpetrator was caught and arrested.

Mohammad Hamaki
06:42 GMT

Egyptian singer Mohammad Hamaki has returned to recording studios to record the songs of his upcoming album, after he completely recovering from a recent health deterioration that kept him from his music for several months

October 9, 2011

05:14 GMT

French newspapers reported that French singer Fudeil, who is of Algerian origin, has turned to the food business and is now selling ready prepared food in Paris, after the failure of his singing career. Fudeil was, at one point, a very popular Rae music singer

05:13 GMT

Prominent Algerian singer Warda recently appeared as a guest on the weekly program “Hatha Ana” (This is me) hosted by Lebanese journalist Rania Barghouth and aired on the Arab satellite channel MBC

Haifa and the late Zakria Al Zaruli
05:11 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi is grieving the death of Moroccan soccer player Zakria Al Zaruli, who passed away last week

October 7, 2011

16:02 GMT

Lebanese singer Elissa has revealed that she considers Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram to be the closest person to her heart from the entertainment world

Ahmad Al Sakka
15:45 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Al Sakka underwent a leg surgery earlier this week after he was injured at a fitness club

Kathem Al Saher
15:36 GMT

Amidst circulating rumors of the deterioration of the health condition of prominent Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher, Badir Al Samira’ie, who is the singer’s business manager, denied all that was said and stressed that Kathem is in perfect health

Mohammad Huneidi during burial ceremony
15:27 GMT

Egyptian comedian actor Mohammad Huneidi lost his mother earlier this week after she suffered from a number of illnesses associated with old age

October 6, 2011

Mocking photo of Amro's album
04:30 GMT

A mocking photo of Egyptian superstar Amro Diab has been posted on the social network Facebook

Kivanc Tatlitug
04:25 GMT

Egyptian satellite channel Al Hayat reported during its program “Al Hayat Al Youm” (Life Today) that recent circulating rumors regarding the murder of famous Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug, known in the Arab world as ‘Muhannad’ are not true