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August 20, 2012

Saba Mubarak
07:49 GMT

The Jordanian star says if she meets the man of her dreams she might just reconsider her promise to never remarry.

August 19, 2012

Love the Facebook way!
15:36 GMT

A new film by Jordanian director is the Arab 'Social Network' movie about finding love on the super-star of social networks, Facebook. Meet the "Adventures of Facebook in Jordan"

Girls' Stories: Hakayat Banat
14:07 GMT

According to conclusions drawn from YouTube viewer figures, the people want more Hekayat Banat (Girls' Stories). The Ramadan TV drama has scored high ratings and captured the Arab viewers imagination.

August 18, 2012

Not guilty: Ghada Abdel Razeq defends TV drama 'Ma Sibq Al Israr'
16:43 GMT

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razeq pleads innocence in the dispute between lawyers and TV drama 'Ma Sibq Al Israr' (With Prior Insistency).

Myriam Fares will perform in Lebanon on the third day of Eid Al Fitr
15:35 GMT

Lebanese singer Myriam Fares has left fans with more to be excited about this Eid Al Fitr with the last minute announcement that she will be performing in Lebanon in just a few days.

Al-Sharqiya Drama
13:23 GMT

Drama fans, here’s a new channel for you to check out. Dubai-based Al-Sharqiya Television has launched Al-Sharqiya Drama, taking its total number of channels within Al-Sharqiya’s portfolio to three.

11:59 GMT

Ahlam does her bit for those trashier than herself: the good garbagemen of the UAE. She's drumming up support to make sure they phone home their loved ones at Eid, by doing her own collection in a Twitter campaign.

August 17, 2012

Yasmine Abdel Aziz
12:41 GMT

Egyptian actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz shows that there's no stumbling block that will stand in the way of her and her filming schedule. The starlet will resume interrupted filming for the scenes for her latest film “Nanny 2” after the fast-approaching Muslim holiday Eid El Fitr.

August 16, 2012

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Raziq has taken a U-turn on plans to divorce hubby Mohammad Foudah.
22:42 GMT

TV host Nishan has turned his hand to marriage counselling as he has managed to re-ignite the spark between warring celebrity spouses Ghada Abdel Raziq and Mohammad Foudah,

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai
19:13 GMT

Lennon biopics and Iranian film seasons, this is independent movie making and it's in the Middle East

Ramy Ayach heads home to Lebanon for Eid Al Fitr celebrations
13:21 GMT

Lebanese star Ramy Ayach will keep fans happy throughout Muslim holiday Eid Al Fitr and beyond with a new video release and concert coming up.

Ragheb Alama
10:15 GMT

Kidnapping and civil war spillover in Lebanon means the Arab Idol judge will be postponing the release of his new fragrance.

A scene from The Dark Knight Rises
09:19 GMT

Well worth the wait: the new Batman movie hits movie theaters in the UAE.

Najwa Karam will be hard at work over Muslim holiday Eid Al Fitr
08:15 GMT

All work and no play makes Najwa Karam a successful popstar. Whilst fans will be spending Eid Al Fitr relaxing and celebrating, the Lebanese singer is working overtime throughout the Muslim holiday.

August 15, 2012

Sulafa says Syria is need of change but not at the cost of the country and its people
14:59 GMT

Syrian beauty Sulafa Mimar has left us unable to keep track of her political opinions with a revealing interview for Arabic TV this week.