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November 8, 2012

Dina and her son Ali
12:40 GMT

More used to hitting headlines for stirring controversy, this week a more maternal side of Egyptian belly dancer Dina has thrust her into the spotlight.

Al Diyar has apologized to Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe
12:00 GMT

Al Diyar has issued a groveling apology to the Lebanese superstar.

"Hungry Beasts" by Jad Salman
10:27 GMT

"The Wild Beasts are Hungry" is an exhibition showing the pain of Palestine in painted form.

Maya Diab.
09:51 GMT

The sexy Lebanese star is a woman of few words.

Jumana Murad
08:54 GMT

The Syrian actress is back to making movies with a role that will surprise fans of the sultry star.

The Couch by Eman Abdou. Courtesy of 6 Contemporary Arts The Couch by Eman Abdou. Courtesy of 6 Contemporary Arts.
08:49 GMT

Scenes include flowery tanks and protestors on sofas.

Nancy Ajram has finished shooting her latest video
08:11 GMT

What can we expect from sexy starlet Nancy Ajram's new video?

Rabah's acrylic-on-canvas piece “Maktouaa Bil Hayel Tahtene.”
08:01 GMT

Sculpture and paint make a rich tapestry at the Saifi Village's Alwane Gallery.

Barack and Michelle Obama/Haifa and ex-hubby Ahmad Abu Hashima
07:58 GMT

With all their sexy pics and sniping, the Arab stars are still pipped to the post by a three-word tweet by the new US president.

Photo: Courtesy of 4th Arab Film Festival Berlin
06:17 GMT

The Arab Film Festival in Berlin is proving its popularity - running to it's fourth consecutive year this month.

November 7, 2012

Haifa Wehbe and Ahmad Abu Hashima have announced their separation
14:58 GMT

The Arab world's hottest granny is back on the market: Haifa Wehbe and Ahmad Abu Hashima announce split.

A scene from "Aasheqeen Torabek."
12:32 GMT

Although they were called to remove scenes which criticized the current regime, Aasheqeen Torabek opened without any changes.

Ghada Abdel Raziq
11:31 GMT

The Egyptian hottie is thrilled when her hit show is chosen for Turkish TV, the country with the biggest drama industry in the region.

Nasr al-Din al-Alawi, a Salafi cleric and imam, was shown in a TV interview brandishing a white cloth, used for a coffin, as a sign that he is willing to sacrifice his life.
11:13 GMT

Tunisian viewers were shocked when a Salafi cleric called upon Muslim youths to carry out jihadist acts against the government in a live TV show this week.

Mohammad Rafea covered in blood
11:09 GMT

Photos of the young Syrian actor, covered in blood, circulate online.