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June 19, 2012

Ahmed Eid
10:03 GMT

Egyptian actors might be concerned that a Muslim Brotherhood president is not pro-celebrity but Ahmed Eid is optimistic.

What's the real story Rania?
06:42 GMT

The actress is hauled in by Cairo police but claims she's been framed by stalker ex-husband, Karim Al Shabrawi.

June 18, 2012

Mai and baby Lily
12:32 GMT

The Jordanian actress and singer takes time off to be with her new daughter.

11:35 GMT

Despite a boycott campaign over her fee for the concert, the Lebanese singer will be performing in Algeria.

Donia and Ahmed
11:08 GMT

The Egyptian actors are accused of 'heated disputes' but Donia says it's the first she's heard of it.

Ragheb Alama
10:34 GMT

Arab Idol and Arabs Got Talent meet when the two judges duet on a rap song.

Catherine Zeta Jones
07:00 GMT

The Welsh superstar says she's planning to play Cleopatra in best Hollywood tradition of Elizabeth Taylor.

June 17, 2012

Saaed Saleh
13:25 GMT

The Egyptian actor is back on TV in comedy 'Shawquieh wa lyal lyalha'.

Rania Youssef
12:49 GMT

The Egyptian actress claims her ex-husband and ex mother-in-law are harassing her.

Carthage festival
12:36 GMT

The Roman city provides the new stage for international singers at the annual music festival.

Arabs Got Talent still going strong
12:22 GMT

Arabs Got Talent, still leading up the to the finale, gave us a mean mix of innovative musical instruments, male ballet, Indian dance and fantastic light shows.

Egyptian singer Hamada Hilal and actress Bushra.
11:25 GMT

Egyptian singer Hamada Hilal and actress Bushra recently recorded a new duet titled “Wil Nabi Khayef” (I Swear I am Scared). The song is part of the new film “Mr. and Mrs. Owais” which stars Hamada and Bushra and is scheduled to hit theaters soon.

09:55 GMT

Yemeni Singer Arwa is indeed pregnant which confirms the suspicions of ogling fans and concert goers at the Murex D'oR Festival

Nemr About Nassar
08:50 GMT

After the comedian hits out at Lebanese singers who show more skin than talent, he hits social networking sites to start a movement.

June 15, 2012

Summaya al Khasab
18:26 GMT

Not according to the Egyptian actress, who says it's all made-up.