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April 26, 2012

Lebanese singer, Ramy Ayach is sticking  to the Arab region this summer
10:49 GMT

Ramy Ayach is back in Dubai — this time to shoot his new music video. It is always fun to be here, he says in an interview.

Ahlam considers what money can buy, from dresses to footballers.
10:33 GMT

Ahlam hit the Arab gossip-sphere this week when asked by a fan to buy hottest goods, footballer, Messi.

Amr Diab returns with his newest single, 'something about you'
07:37 GMT

After emerging from the 40 days mourning period for the passing of his mother, Egyptian super star Amr Diab resurfaces with his new single, "there's something about you".

Rania Youssef makes up with new husband, Al Shabrawi
00:33 GMT

Rania Youssef avoids divorce number two, after news of a reconciliation with her businessman husband.

April 25, 2012

Gokce Bahadir, recently divorced, is Laila in 'Falling Leaves'
23:22 GMT

TV Actress Gokce Bahadir, was accosted by hounding press keen to intrude into her recent divorce from co-star Ali Sonal in Turkish soap Falling Leaves.

Famous Saudi couple, writer Badriya Bashar and actor Naser Al-Qasabi
19:38 GMT

The Saudi female writer Badriya Al Bashar plays down the rumors that her marriage has been strained by Arabs Got Talent.

Arabs Got Talent has returned to our screens for the second season
18:16 GMT

From Jordan, through Morocco, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, here are some of the highlights of last week's 3rd episode of Arabs Got Talent. From the judges side though, while mildly entertaining, it's more a case of "Still haven't found what I'm looking for."

"As musicians we never rule out anything. It might be possible that we mix Arabian beats and Turkish percussion in our future tracks," says Uday Benegal.
09:18 GMT

Out with a new album, reformed Indian rock band Indus Creed are all set to prove they still have it this weekend as they return to the UAE. Their new album evolve keeps them open to a future of Arabian and Turkish flavors.

Adel Imam
06:19 GMT

An Egyptian appeals court has convicted prominent Egyptian comedian actor Adel Imam to a three month jail sentence after being found guilty of insulting the Islamic religion

Wael Jassar
06:09 GMT

Miraculously Lebanese singer Wael Jassar survived death after the plane he was on operated by Tunisian Air malfunctioned and the pilot was forced to keep the plane in the air for an extra 25 minutes

April 24, 2012

Hannan Turk
05:53 GMT

Egyptian actress Hannan Turk announced that she has decided to quit her acting career permanently and that her new television drama “Al Ukht Teresa” (Sister Teresa), which she is currently filming the scenes for, will be the last project she will present

Sameea Saeed
05:51 GMT

Moroccan singer Sameera Saeed denied circulating rumors that she will be singing the theme song for the new television drama “Mawlid wa Sahbo Ghayeb” starring Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi and Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdo

Mariam Fares
05:45 GMT

Lebanese singer Mariam Fares was shocked with the negative attacks made against her in the press over the dress she wore to a recent charitable event and accusations made against her that she was trying to imitate American star Angelina Jolie

April 23, 2012

Haifa flanked by men, including husband Abu Hashima (R)
17:02 GMT

Haifa's protective husband lashes out in a law suit on Abdullah BilKhair for 'harassing' and defaming his wife online.

Abdullah Balkhair, Carmen, Haifa Wehbe
15:25 GMT

Emirati singer Abdullah BilKhair trades in Haifa Wehbe for a younger model, Carmen Suleiman!