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July 26, 2012

George Kurdahi and his millions are back!
18:42 GMT

Who Wants a Millionaire is back to Arab satellite TV for Ramadan with host George Kurdahi who is thrilled to see his fruits of labor aired. And to earn a generous packet of 'millions' for his efforts.

Journey to Mecca
11:00 GMT

Just in time for Ramadan, the epic movie is back on the big screen in English and Arabic.

Cyrine Abdel Nour
08:26 GMT

The Lebanese actress hits back at accusations that she's gone under the surgeon's knife.

Sherine Abdel Wahab
08:20 GMT

After breaking down during a live talk show this week, fans are worried the Egyptian star is close to the edge.

Summaya Khashab to wear the Islamic veil?
06:31 GMT

Egyptian actress Summaya Al Khashab has said she might one day 'cover up' or wear the Islamic head dress since she is very religious at heart.

July 25, 2012

Laila Elwi is back on our Ramadan screens
18:01 GMT

Making her holy month return to our small-screens, Laila Elwi is back for Ramadan soap time - giving us the historical and robust role of a Mamluk lady Nafisa.

Yousra is the lady in red.
14:07 GMT

Egyptian actress Yousra revealed that she strives to make as much money as possible because she has a great fear of what lies in the future.

Emmy Awards
10:51 GMT

The glamorous TV awards show will be broadcast on OSN First network in the UAE.

Myriam Fares and her "big" nose
10:26 GMT

Bucking the trend for Lebanese stars, Myriam Fares says she's happy with her natural nose.

Ezzat Abu Ouf
09:55 GMT

The Egyptian actor shocks audiences with his unorthodox views on cheating while appearing on TV show 'Samar wa al Rijal'.

Kinda Alloush
07:09 GMT

The Syrian actress proves herself equally talented in both Syrian and Egyptian hit TV shows.

July 24, 2012

Haifa Wehbe
10:48 GMT

The men behind Haifa Wehbe's wealth, revealed! Haifa Wehbe is not such an independent woman it turns out. She can't rely on her voice for her daily bread. Enter, the men in Haifa's life.

George Kurdahi
10:31 GMT

The Lebanese millionaire TV host George Kurdahi makes the switch to Egyptian TV network Al Hayat.

Ghada in THAT dress
07:55 GMT

The Egyptian actress is having a moment of wardrobe confusion going from one extreme to another.

July 23, 2012

The unhappy couple: Mustafa Fahmi and Rania Shawki
15:27 GMT

In an announcement that falls during Ramadan, we hear that Rania Shawki and husband Mustafa Fahmi are parting ways for a third and reportedly final time.