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April 5, 2012

Mohammad Khan and Ruby
18:28 GMT

After a long absence from the scenes, Egyptian singer/actress Ruby returns with a new film titled “Fatat Al Masna” (Factory girl), which is based on a true story and is directed by Mohammad Khan. Mohammad Khan is currently placing the final touches on the film

Adel Imam
18:23 GMT

The Janh Al Haram Court in Cairo has set April 25 to release its verdict in the appeal filed by prominent Egyptian comedian actor Adel Imam, who is accused of insulting the Muslim religion in the different films he took part in

April 4, 2012

Haifa and her husband with a Turkish Drag Queen
05:12 GMT

The managing office of Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi denied recent allegations circulating over the internet that the singer held a private concert for homosexuals in Turkey

Assi Hilani and Amro Diab
05:11 GMT

Recent April fool’s jokes began circulating over the internet about Egyptian singer Amr Diab and Lebanese singer Assi Hilani stating that Amr has resigned from his music career and Assi had joined a professional Lebanese soccer team

03:24 GMT

Egyptian belly dancer Lucy considers 99.9% of Egyptian belly dancers respectable and honorable, stating that their repeated marriages is better than getting involved in illegitimate affairs

April 3, 2012

Donia Batmah
06:16 GMT

A recent video was circulated over a number of internet social networks of Moroccan contestant of ‘Arab Idol’ Donia Batmah in which she announced that she was presented with a new Chevrolet Corvette from a wealthy fan in the United Arab Emirates

Saed Al Sughair
06:01 GMT

A source close to Egyptian folk singer Saed Al Sughair has revealed that the singer is attempting to make a ‘Media Show’ with his latest decision to run in the coming Egyptian Presidential Elections

Nawal Al Zoughbi
05:25 GMT

Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoughbi surprised her fans by announcing that her official page on the internet social network Facebook was hacked and she was blocked completely from the page could not be retrieved

April 2, 2012

Haifa Wahbi and the late Tareq Al Jafali
06:10 GMT

The family of the late wealthy Saudi businessman Tareq Al Jafali, who was Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi’s fiancé, have filed a lawsuit against the singer demanding she return the expensive apartment their son had bought her

Wael Kfoury and his wife
05:56 GMT

Recent news reports have it that the disputes between Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury and his wife have escalated and reached a dead end

Mina Shalabi
04:57 GMT

Egyptian actress Mina Shalabi revealed that the recent rumor of her getting married and being pregnant was created by her own mother

April 1, 2012

Adel Imam
21:08 GMT

Prominent Egyptian comedian actor Adel Imam stated recent circulating rumors that he was assaulted by members of Egyptian club “Altras” and the citizens of the suburbs of Bor Saeed are not true

March 31, 2012

18:23 GMT

News reports have it that Lebanese singer Elissa is currently under a very strict diet to take off added kilos she had gained in the recent months

Khaled Taja
07:43 GMT

A source at the Al Shami Hospital in Damascus has denied recently circulating rumors that prominent Syrian actor Khaled Taja has passed away

Shireen Abd Al Wahab
07:24 GMT

Egyptian singer Shireen Abd Al Wahab was recently in the Lebanese capital Beirut to film an episode for an entertainment program on one of the Arab satellite channels