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July 14, 2012

Ghada Adel breaks-down on set during night shift
12:44 GMT

Night terrors struck when Ghada Adel filmed her funereal scenes cemetery-side and broke-down in a state of hysterics and sobbing.

Ghada Abdel Razek ditches sexy looks to honor husband, Ramadan, and new Egypt
11:57 GMT

This is not Ghada Abdel Razek as we know her - racy and radical - but the toned down frumpy version, honoring Muslim Brothers, censors and husband alike.

July 13, 2012

Najwa Karam regrets singing for Bashar Al-Assad
22:41 GMT

Najwa Karam regrets nothing more than singing for Bashar Al-Assad before his revolution broke out. She tries now to disassociate from Syria's increasingly unpopular President.

Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakhirji  doesn't hide from politics in her directing debut
14:30 GMT

Love under occupation: Sulaf Fawakhirji has a go at her first film directing, not shying away from tough themes in a film that depicts a love affair in the Golan Heights.

July 12, 2012

Within Temptation
12:48 GMT

Dutch band Within Temptation give Beirut a piece of the action.

Shams Al Baroudi might be back to act in a movie about Hamas
11:59 GMT

Despite her constant refusal to accept any acting roles for the past 27 years, the website Al Muheet has revealed that the resigned legendary actress Shams Al Baroudi may just return to the bright lights of television.

Majida el-Roumi
10:50 GMT

The Lebanese legend pleaded for unity at her performance in AUB.

This rising star needs to be protected while in Algeria. Not all Algerians want Myriam Fares to come.
10:47 GMT

“I am overwhelmed with joy at my first ever visit to Algeria” said Lebanese singer Myriam Fares after arriving in Algeria to hold two concerts. An invitation was sent to Myriam Fares from the Algerian Ministry of Culture to hold performances at the annual Timgad International Festival.

09:33 GMT

The rapper and DJ from the US megaband is set to play the Amber Lounge in November

Nadine Khouri
07:51 GMT

The Syrian actress wants to become a judge on the TV contest show but Iranian producers say she must wear hijab.

July 11, 2012

Saber El-Rebai denies rumors
11:07 GMT

Saber Rebai faces down rumors of him and a girl said to be his fiance. He is having an uneasy relationship with the press lately.

09:42 GMT

The Grammy-award-winning producer will head an impressive lineup.

Dina is happily married and content to dance in Egypt.
09:30 GMT

Egyptian belly dancer Dina said, “My husband is proud of what I do and he knows how to differentiate between work and our private life.” She went on to give her opinion of the new Islamic leadership in Egypt.

Nancy Ajram in Turkey: concert empties out or half empty?
08:05 GMT

One Turk speaks out about his Nancy Ajram concert peeves and niggles, expressing his disappointment in the Arab press who propagated the lie that was the Nancy success story. More a concert half empty than an emptied out 'sell-out', he says.

July 10, 2012

justi Bieber and Kim Kardashian
11:18 GMT

But are they ready for Bieber-mania?