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January 25, 2012

Fadel Shaker
04:26 GMT

Unlike his usual calm and quiet character, Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker has opened fire against most of his colleagues during an interview held with

Basel Khayat
03:28 GMT

Prominent Syrian actor Basel Khayat announced that he will quit his acting career

January 24, 2012

06:28 GMT

Prominent Algerian singer Warda revealed that the main reason behind her divorce from the late legendary Egyptian musician Baleegh Hamdi was the song he presented to Syrian singer Mayada Al Hindawi

Nancy Ajram
06:27 GMT

The first ever concert by Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram in Milan Italy was a huge success with over eight thousand spectator of both Arab and foreign nationalities

January 23, 2012

Nancy Ajram
04:15 GMT

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram strongly denied recent allegations that she bought the music award presented to her at the World Music Awards

Elham Shaheen
04:13 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Elham Shaheen has publicly discussed her opinion of marriage, and the possibility of falling in love and getting remarried

January 22, 2012

Photograph of Haifa and alleged granddaughter
07:21 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi strongly denied recent allegations that she has now become a grandmother

Nancy Ajram
06:56 GMT

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram revealed that she always awaits the release of albums by Lebanese singer Elissa

January 21, 2012

Jalal Al Taweel
05:16 GMT

The official Syrian state television channel aired a recorded interview with Syrian actor Jalal Al Taweel a day after he was released from a Syrian prison

Nawal Al Zoughbi
05:11 GMT

Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoughbi said that her twin boys only see her as mom, and not a famous singer

January 20, 2012

Nelly Kareem and husband
16:46 GMT

Egyptian actress Nelly Kareem strongly denied recent allegations against her husband accusing him of sexually harassing a young woman at one of the fitness clubs in Cairo

Maha Al Masri
04:34 GMT

Prominent Syrian actress Maha Al Masri is currently filming the scenes of her upcoming television drama “Banat Al Aylah” (The family’s girls) with director Rasha Al Sharbatji

January 18, 2012

Jumana Murad
14:26 GMT

Prominent Syrian actress Jumana Murad will enter her second acting experience with Egyptian director Khaled Yousif by starring in the new film that is based on the popular novel “Awlad Haritna” (The children of the neighborhood) by the late legendary author Najeeb Mahfouz

Suzan Tamim
13:28 GMT

The Egyptian Court of Cassation has decided to retry Egyptian businessman Hisham Tal’at Mustafa and former police official Muhsin Al Sukari for the murder of Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim

Rania Fareed Shawki
12:05 GMT

Egyptian actress Rania Fareed Shawki has given her final approval to star in the new television drama “Al Saqr Shaheen” (Shaheen the Eagle) alongside Syrian actor Tayem Hassan